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ProMedia Training Introduces Audio Career Program

ProMedia Training announced its new Audio Career Program, offering modern gear and technology; a faculty comprised of top audio professionals; a concise, streamlined three-month curriculum; and a complete state-of-the-art mobile Pro Tools studio rig as part of the tuition package.

In three months, students can learn the fundamentals of audio, master important professional tools, work on a wide variety of studio projects (in music, TV, film and videogames), and learn the ins and outs of the audio industry. As a bonus, the program tuition includes a complete, modern Pro Tools-based studio rig (pictured) and official certifications in Pro Tools and Waves software.

At the core of the program are classes in applied engineering, illustrating the basics of sound, as well as an overview of music theory. Students will also begin using Pro Tools, exploring software instruments, looping, sampling and MIDI, as well as learn tracking, editing, mixing and mastering with guidance from multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-winning engineers such as Roger Nichols, Ed Seay, Craig Anderton, Charles Dye and Phil Tan.

The final section of the program teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurial business: how to find and obtain work, write a résumé, and assemble a professional portfolio.

In addition, as part of the tuition package, students receive a mobile Pro Tools Studio worth $6,500 that includes an Apple MacBook loaded with Digidesign’s Pro Tools LE and Music Production Toolkit, Propellerhead Reason Version 4, and additional software from Waves, Antares and Apple. Plus, students receive a pair of M-Audio studio monitors, professional headphones, a condenser mic, MIDI keyboard, and an external FireWire drive for backing up their work.

Upon successful completion of ProMedia Training’s Audio Career Program, students receive a ProMedia Certificate of Completion, a Digidesign Operator Certification in Music and Post-Production, and Waves Certification.

Audio Career Programs are offered on February 6, 2009 in both Nashville and Dallas. For more information visit