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a purple plum flower

a purple plum flower, used to anticipate to pay attention to very much, even the Xiao sun was also drawn on.Zhang Meng asks Xiao sun, this clothes how?The Xiao sun point nods.Zhang Meng says that you take a shot me to see.The Xiao sun is some don’t wish, say, calculate, I didn’t want to try.The store owner also comes over, is also make every effort to show this clothes of different, eloquent surging not unique, the Xiao sun cans not stands and turns round desire to walk, piece the beginning dismantle clothes, connect coax to take to advise of pushed forward Xiao sun to try a dress. Wait until Xiao sun to come out, Zhang Meng very excitement but love to pitily looking at Xiao sun again, Xiao sun go toward mirror front on shining on, plentiful adopt to shine on a person. Take off clothes, Zhang Meng then asks the owner the price, the clothes tried such effect, the owner quotes to frighten a person.The Xiao sun advises Zhang Meng to buy, Zhang Meng haggles with owner alone.The Xiao sun had to recognize. The owner connected a voice to say to suffer a deficit, the side got up a clothes packing, and Zhang Meng anyway looks after MAC Cosmetics Wholesale business next time. Zhang Meng happily lifts clothes and go out to rush through with Xiao sun male vapor.Are it what is the row to ask clothes on Xiao sun of road?Zhang Meng says buying for you.The Xiao sun then asks why?Zhang Meng says that the matter got married I lifted for mama, mama gave me some money and let me bought to order to get married thing.This clothes get married of time wear. Xiao sun this just suddenly realize.The in the mind is very ashamed, oneself has never bought any thing for Zhang Meng, in the end even all of clothes getting married are Zhang Meng to buy.Is some to hesitatingly say, I didn’t buy clothes for you .Zhang Meng says monster headphones that your money we stays to buy a house and saided again, my mama postby:08bkyuchang says money isn’t enough her to give. The Xiao sun looking at shopping bags, Zhang Meng says, I see you these day spirits a bit not good.