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Console Used for Multi-Discipline Music Acts

MADRID – Q Studios, a facility specializing in recording and mastering, recently upgraded with a Solid State Logic AWS 900+ SE Console/Controller. Based in Madrid, the studio records a wide range of musical styles, so the AWS was installed to streamline production workflow and to control DAW systems and tape recorders.

“We needed to adapt to the new age of downsized budgets in the music industry, while maintaining the high sonic quality of our projects,� says Guillermo Quero, owner of Q Studios. “The decision was made to purchase the AWS in order to optimize our studio resources. We needed to have the best sonic quality coupled with the ability to control our Pro Tools and Logic DAWs, as well as our Studer 800 eight-track recorder from the console. The AWS gives us that control and, of course, the SSL SuperAnalogue™ sound used by so many major artists around the world. It was clearly the best choice.�

Q Studios has two control rooms and a shared recording room. The larger control room is used primarily for mixing and now houses the AWS along with a generous collection of high-end outboard gear. The second control room is smaller and used mainly for tracking, editing and minor mixing. The AWS replaces a dedicated controller and an aging vintage analogue console that became a nightmare to maintain.
“The AWS brings with it the quality built into every SSL console,� Quero continues. “We had been struggling with an older analogue console that was under constant repair and, while we liked the sound, the associated headaches were slowing our production throughput. The AWS gives us the sound quality we love and the reliability and power we need to move forward.�

Founded 10 years ago, Q Studios records and mixes music styles from indie and flamenco to Adult Oriented Rock (AOR) and electronic. The AWS lets the studio easily move through different musical milieus, delivering a high sonic benchmark for any type of instrument or vocal style. But beyond the sound, the automation and Total RecallTM functions speed up mixing sessions.

“The AWS gives us flexibility that we did not have with the previous set up – a huge improvement,� explains Quero. “The Total Recall feature really helps us get back to where we left off with any project. We’re currently working with a major mainstream band on their new album and everyone likes the AWS experience. We have a lot of projects planned for next year to be done with the AWS and our clientele has given a thumbs up to the new setup.�

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