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recognize Montblanc Boheme Fountain Pen Kirby can Dagger

Qi Feng nodded, Qiyun dared to speak is a good thing, but he is still too young, too encourage his capacity Easy to let him produce the emotions of pride. Although he is also unfortunate childhood, but he was not Qifeng this unforgettable experience. And his bones, after all, is mont blanc pens a Xianbei, Qi Feng did not care, but they do not do not care does not mean Jushou Zhang Liao Qi Feng Care, more does not mean back to Lishi Jia Xu Lu Su, they do not care about. Do not want to do more entangled in this issue, Qi Feng Youxiang Jushou Asking Jushou this apparently is the contemplative long time, eventually Asked a homogeneous wind scratching their heads: “My lord, we can see extremes meet?” A few days later, the step degrees mont blanc outlet roots are drinking tent in boredom, large will become the law of return suddenly broke into the tent of the step-degree root, root of the step-degree Very unhappy: “into law normalized, Seoul know gratifying not disturb a drinking?” Into the law of return on one knee: “Bingbao Chanyu, Two telegraph, one good and one bad, I do not know Chanyu first listen to the Which? “Step-degree root angry, but also some curious:” Dole said before. Bad. “Into law owned nodded:” next heard that mont blanc outlet South Han generals Qi Feng, with troops stationed in Kirby can the Ministry of Song next. “Step-degree root hands of the glass snapped fell to the ground:” the South Han negative me! ” However, into the law of return is not quite like Step degrees roots do not panic: Shanyu, there is good news. “Step degrees roots have absence of : “Anything can save such a big loss?” Into law normalized stand up and hand over to send a dagger, step-degree root recognize Montblanc Boheme Fountain Pen Kirby can Dagger, very puzzled: “this thing come from?” Into the law of return bow Stoop said: “outside the camp Han sent this matter, and said the South Han generals had no intention of seeking refuge Kirby can touches Kirby can win over the Han. Han family generals will be counted on meter, if Chanyu to attack the Kirby can The Southern Han Madang Within.  hm520pp20120929