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Recording Professional Demos With CAD Microphones

Will Voegele gave his daughter Kate a baby Taylor guitar during a vacation in Marco Island as a way to learn music and explore the limits of her talent. As it turned out, Kate was a quick study with exceptional skills, recording her first 5-song demo, which eventually ended up with Maverick Records at age 16 1/2, and moving on to a pair of hit albums––Don’t Look Away (2007) on MySpace Records and A Fine Mess (2009) on Innerscope Records. She also plays Mia Catalano on the popular CW series, “One Tree Hill.�

Not bad for an enlightened parent who simply wanted to encourage his daughters to love music as much as he did, especially for some of us who never were fortunate to receive that kind of encouragement from our parents.
Will Voegele still works with Kate on demos of her new songs in his home studio in Cleveland.

He first got involved with CAD mics through a friend whose son, National Sales Manager Jeff Beck, works for the company. Another fortunate pairing, this allowed Will to bring the CAD E70 Modular Dual Capsule condenser “pencil� mic and Trion 8000 Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser into his studio setup.
In addition to the CAD mics, Will’s studio includes a Macbook Pro running Logic Studio 9 with an M-Audio Project Mix firewire interface; an SE Reflexion filter; Universal Audio LA-610 preamp/compressor; Event 20/20P monitors; a PreSonus Monitor Station; Roland RD-700 SX keyboard and Audio-Technica headphones.
According to Will, the E70 works well for Kate’s Taylor 614CE acoustic while the Trion 8000 is ideal for her vocals as he points out, “We used the Trion on the recent demos and I’m really pleased how warm and clear her vocals are. It’s the best sounding mic of the ones we’ve tried.�
Asked how Kate feels about the mics, he relates, “Kate’s really happy with the CAD mics. I’d been using another mic that she got as a promo gift, and this was the first time she’d used the CAD for some very intimate vocals. She thought it was the best sounding of the music we’ve done together. What’s really exciting is that we did ten or 15 demos for the second album and four or five were actually used by the producer Mike Elizondo as the basis for the final tracks on the record!

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