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× Launches Free User-Driven Recording Equipment Database

Recording Questions Gear Database announces the launch of their free community-driven recording gear database that brings a new twist to finding recording equipment and manufacturer information.

The new database allows site members to add and edit information and images for gear manufacturers and their favorite studio equipment. Built-in RSS feeds and Twitter integration allow even those outside the site to quickly and easily share gear information with others. A new personal studio section allows any member to add any piece of gear in the database to their own personal profile with the click of a button making exploring other setups fun and exciting.

Equipment manufactures are strongly encouraged to add and update their public profile and equipment catalog with current information. By allowing others to edit the database, members

will always have up-to-date information about gear in a single easy to use location.

Visitors can unleash their creative talents by leaving their own reviews or just add links to other external reviews allowing any other members to quickly find great information from tons of great sources at once. Member to link directly to their own gear blogs or websites from within the reviews section as well.

The new gear section is fully compatible with the original question and answer section of the site as related gear will automatically be linked to in new posts if found in the database.

For more information, please visit our pro audio recording community.