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Renowned Musician & Composer DJ Unwind Licenses 18 Original Tunes to Top Music Library Companies Black Toast Music and Songs To Your Eyes

Hollywood, CA, May 3, 2010 – Renowned musician and composer DJ Unwind has licensed 18 original tunes to two of the entertainment industry’s leading music library companies, Black Toast Music and Songs To Your Eyes. Through these deals, these eclectic tunes will now be available for license to television, film, videogame, and other, multi-media projects.

Based in Minneapolis, and with representation in Hollywood, CA, DJ Unwind composes, produces, and plays all of his own music, across the specialized genres of Trip-Hop, Down-Tempo, Lounge, Electronic, and Urban.

The artist has just licensed two songs to Black Toast Music Library ( They are:

** “Love Song” by DJ Unwind, exclusively for Black Toast Music, featuring vocalist Kaytee. Genre: R&B; and

** “Red Dawn” by DJ Unwind and Levphonic, exclusively for Black Toast Music.
Genre: Electronic

& Cinematic

DJ Unwind has also licensed 16 songs to the noted Songs To Your Eyes Library ( They are:

** 15 tracks featured on the Songs To Your Eyes CD entitled “Smokey Beats, Vol. 4” (STYE 236) compilation. These 15 tracks are solely by DJ Unwind. Genre: Trip-Hop, Down-tempo; and

** “Sunshine on a Cloudy Day” (aka “My Sunshine”) available via iTunes, Amazon, mp3, which is a collaboration between DJ Unwind and Interscope Records’ recording artist Mateo. The song is available on the Songs To Your Eyes CD entitled “STYE 279, Vocal Cocktail Lounge, Vol. 10.â€? Genre: R&B and Lounge

Regarding the reason his company licensed tracks from DJ Unwind, Bob Mair, Owner/CEO/Creative, of Black Toast Music said, “As an Independent Music Publisher/Library, we are introduced to new artists every day. DJ Unwind stands out from the crowd because of his amazing ability to capture the heart and soul of what’s really happening in the current R&B/Hip Hop market. Because our philosophy has always been that we refuse to represent anything but the best to our TV, Film, Advertising, and Videogame clients, DJ Unwind is a great new asset to our catalog.�

Adds Opher Yisraeli, Founder, Songs To Your Eyes, “We selected original songs from DJ Unwind to include within our library collection, because his music is highly expressive, contemporary, bold, and intriguing. We are finding that more and more of our film, TV, videogame and multi-media clients are seeking this type of musical material for their projects.”


At age 19, Minneapolis native Brad LaBarbera transformed himself into DJ Unwind, becoming obsessed with creating music. Over the years, as he honed his skills at first sampling–and then eventually teaching himself to play a variety of instruments — it became obvious that listening to his father’s eclectic record collection growing up had inspired him to pursue his newfound musical identity.

DJ Unwind debuted as a producer in his own right with “Truth Beyond the Beat,â€? a full-length CD in 2006, which was independently released. The CD attracted the attention of Libyus Music, a Tokyo-based label known for ambient, acid-jazz records, and soon an international distribution deal followed. More recently, DJ Unwind has produced singles for a variety of artists in the Urban genre, including a collaboration with Mateo from Interscope Records. That single maintained DJ Unwind’s signature stamp — Chill.

Becoming more polished as a musician and composer in the years that followed, DJ Unwind has since shaped a dynamic and mellow cinematic groove, as he creates music reflecting his influences from traveling the globe, his family, and just from living life. He believes that pop culture has influenced his style in the exact opposite way of that of the “brainwashed masses” in our modern society. The artist feels strongly that more people need to experience a much more mellow — and deeper — side of life. This philosophy only hints at the scope of things to come from this still unknown, and truly gifted, impresario.

In addition to his newfound success in licensing his music, DJ Unwind has also just released an original EP, entitled “Far From Here,â€? featuring seven tracks across the genres of Electronic, Lounge, and Chillout. The EP stands as a unique concept album, inspiring the listener to steer “Far from selfishness, politics, corruption, pop culture and materialism.â€? Please see:…

DJ Unwind is still active and eclectic in his collaborations with other musicians, and maintains the mindset that “Quality over Quantityâ€? is the way to go. His composing and production efforts alone prove that this is a musical nonconformist who just may lead the way for the rest of us, well into the future.

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