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Resident Studios Upgrades To PMC twotwo.6 Speakers

The London-based recording and rehearsal studio complex has chosen PMC active speakers as part of a major upgrade of its main Studio A.

Resident Studios in London has completed a significant upgrade of its main Studio A recording room by installing a pair of PMC twotwo.6 active speakers.

The new monitors complement the studio’s investment in a world class 32 channel SSL 6000 G+ series console and a powerful Lexicon 224XL computer.

Established in 2001 and located in a secluded residential are of Willesden Green, Resident Studios houses three rehearsal rooms and three fully equipped recording studios. The complex supports artists of all genres and all levels – from local musicians to A list pop stars.  

“Artists and organizations from around the world use Resident Studios’ facilities for everything from recording and rehearsing to creating music videos and TV shows,” says General Manager Stuart Anderson.  “They do so because our facilities look and sound stunning and because, despite our success, we committed to remaining within financial reach of everyone.”

Earlier this year the complex made a significant decision to move Resident Studios’ offering into the higher end of the market place by redeveloping Studio A and installing the new SSL console.

“The PMC speakers were part of that process,” Anderson adds. “They were selected following a week of demoing in the studio after strong recommendations from our most trusted engineers. The PMC’s provided the most clarity and, unlike some other monitors we demoed, were capable of being driven to the levels some of our clients expect without struggling in the lower frequencies.”

PMC’s twotwo range comprises of three models – the twotwo.5, the twotwo.6 and the twotwo.8, all of which combine PMC’s world-class design pedigree with sophisticated digital processing and active amplification. Based on PMC’s patented ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) technology that guarantees high quality, distortion-free audio, the twotwo range is ideally suited to nearfield monitoring and offers professional users the highest levels of clarity, transparency and accuracy. 

Many renowned artists and producers have invested in PMC’s twotwo monitors, including BRIT and MPG Award-winning producer Alan Moulder and BAFTA Award-winning sound mixer Howard Bargroff. 

Stuart Anderson says Resident Studios clients, engineers and management team have been more than happy with the choice of PMC twotwo.6 monitors and are thoroughly enjoying the state of the art facilities in the new-look Studio A. 

“Since upgrading the room and installing the new speakers we’ve worked on demo material with Skunk Anansie, a new jazz project for an artist called Thomas Poulton, album production with an emerging artist called Jaygun, live sessions for the likes of Danny Thompson, Paul Clarvis and many more. There’s an endless list of artists and they all love the new room.”


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