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Rex Grossman Jersey Fawcett Stadium in Washington set early

Saturday, Daryl – Green became chief finalists of this issue of the NFL Hall of Fame, he said: “Today belongs to the Redskins!” Fans predicted Green and his teammates Art – Munch Hall of Fame, so Rex Grossman Jersey Fawcett Stadium in Washington set early on, and turned the place into a sea of ??purple color, and the two of them during the speech, the fans give a long round of applause. Darryl’s brother, Jared, an estimated 95% are Redskins fans, his guess is very close to the actual situation. Preseason debut Redskins game against the Indianapolis Colts team before the game, many fans wearing the Green jersey, some dressed in Munch’s jersey, some wearing the jersey of active duty in Washington players . Green and Munch did not like contemporaries some star as star-studded, but they are the winner of each era, as their career, Green and Munch in his speech has always been excellent stability. Saturday, a lot of things in pairs, Green and Munch to the fans of his son, two lectures are thought-provoking and eye-catching, two, and used to help people share the experience, and this time the two and at the same time to enter the Hall of Fame. Munch said: “I will always be recognized as one of the Redskins, very good!” Green added: “out of loyalty to the Redskins, I share this day with yo Roy Helu Jersey u, my dear supporters. “Green is the only Hall of Fame in 2008 voted his 20-year career made him the undisputed, in the course of his service, is almost always the fastest players in the league and the best side guard. But Munch can be selected for the fee of a series of setbacks, has become a controversial topic in the past few years, despite the statistics of his own position is excellent, but the Hall of Fame judges have seven times rejected his application. Munch total of 940 touchdowns, running a distance of 12,721 yards (Monk had 940 withcareer catches for 12,721 yards.) His successful ball more Chris Cooley Jersey times than any of to Santana Moss Jersey day’s Redskins catcher, but Munch adverse conditions that only selected once the league’s best team. In his 16-year career, Munch is unlikely to recruit the media to be see, it seems that the media inserted in the issue that he was elected single-handedly. Another Hall of Famer, in the history of the best catcher Paul – Warfield that Munch’s inclusion should not be controversial, he said: “Art – Munch has a first-class career performance, I only seen two weeks ago Mongolia grams, he said congratulations, he deserves all of this, he records the data had been leading until it was broken, he should long remember what I told him, it does not matter, because you are already in the Hall of Fame, which is the most important, he was worthy of the Hall of Fame, he is one of this prestigious group. ” Munch own speech, he said: “I tied them, as one of them feel very honored to be here is not accidental, but I still have to order some expressed heartfelt thanks, because not every player has the opportunity to achieve. “Next, when he smiles and intoxicated fans gave him the longest warmly applauded, fans shouted” 81 “and” Thank you, Munch ” They also played under the banner “A work of Art” to describe his career. Munch never thought of fans so generous, but it really happened, Munch said Saturday he is lik London Fletcher Jersey e the icing on the cake as aftertaste, Munch said with emotion: “From the first time I take played football, I fell in love with the sport, this is my whole life, I’ve wanted to do. “Overall, this day has long been destined. The extra-long sport life is the NFL’s most rare achievement, which has become one of the themes for the Hall of Fame this weekend, Green, Munch, – Gary Zimmerman, Andre – Di Peite and Fred – Di Well a few people add up to a career as long as 84 years, the age of the ball of the red skin team Shuangsha the sum there 36 years, has attracted most attention in Guangzhou (Canton), Ohio.