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RME Audio Interfaces Keeps Alex Chaloff on the Cutting Edge

Babyface Pro and Fireface UFX interfaces provide superior sound and streamlines production

Los Angeles, CA – February 2016…When your work centers around video and audio content for music, the sound quality must be every bit as compelling as the image. Welcome to Video Director and Recording Engineer Alex Chaloff’s world. His production group, Bucket’s Moving Company, handles everything from mobile multitrack audio recording, studio engineering, and mixing to video direction, cinematography, and editing. Clients include Walt Disney Studios, Blue Note, the New York Times, and Universal Records. Further, his artist roster reads like a Who’s Who of the entertainment industry, with names like Esperanza Spalding, Maroon 5, and Dave Weckl to name but a few. When you operate at this level, you need the best tools. That’s what Chaloff relies on his RME Babyface Pro and Fireface UFX audio interfaces for superior audio quality and ease of use.

Chaloff has been working with the RME Babyface Pro since August 2015 and, in that relatively short timeframe, has come to rely on its many features and capabilities. He described his setup. “The Babyface Pro lives at my main mix and edit workstation,” Chaloff explained, “though it occasionally goes out on gigs where a small footprint and fewer channels are required. My main mix machine is a custom built PC running Steinberg’s Nuendo 5. Further, the Babyface acts as a DAC for my Neumann KH120 monitors.”

When queried as to how he chose to invest in the Babyface Pro, Chaloff offered the following thoughts, “My main rig for the past three years has included the RME Fireface UFX USB / Firewire audio interface. The Fireface UFX is the basis of my 30-channel mobile recording rig. But I found myself continually needing to re-connect it with my main machine every time I needed to mix. What I really needed was small desktop interface with the same stellar audio converters as my UFX unit—that could reside at my workstation. The Babyface Pro fit that description perfectly. With its twelve input channels, the Babyface Pro is also a great choice for smaller session work or overdubs when I’m at my mix desk.”

For anyone involved in video and audio production at Chaloff’s level, the ability to get capable and timely support can be crucial. In this regard, Chaloff gives Synthax and his RME products high marks. “While I certainly appreciate a company with fabulous customer support, what I appreciate even more is a product that never needs support in the first place,” he said. “RME interfaces work the second you take them out of the box and plug them into your computer and the drivers are as solid as a rock. As the majority of my work is travel based, my rig takes a lot abuse. Not once has the RME hardware failed me.”

Before shifting his focus back to the business of the day, Chaloff offered these parting thoughts regarding his experience with his RME equipment, “I recommend RME products to everyone I meet, from musicians to engineers. Their converters and preamps have a level of clarity and depth that I have never heard anywhere else. It’s like pulling cotton out of your ears! The clarity and the musicality of the sound is terrific.”

Chaloff recently produced the following video for RME to highlight the various applications for which he uses his Babyface Pro. It can be viewed here:

To learn more about Alex Chaloff and the services of Bucket’s Moving Company, visit the company’s website at

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Photo Information: Alex Chaloff