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“If you want to compete with the best, you have to be the best and Duality is the best choice to attract high-level clients and projects”

SEATTLE – Rogue Island Entertainment is setting the stage for film and video game audio projects with a Solid State Logic Duality SE console in its newly rebuilt Studio A. Carrying on SSL’s sonic legacy and industry standard user interface, Duality provides Rogue Island with the fully integrated 5.1 surround capabilities and DAW control necessary to address the needs of modern production workflow. The advent of Duality in the Seattle media scene will attract a wide client base to this prestigious production studio.

“If you want to compete with the best, you have to be the best, and Duality is the best choice to attract high-level clients and projects,” says Eric Janko, chief engineer and producer for Rogue Island Entertainment. “When we had the opportunity to re-build Studio A, we wanted a console that would make a difference, one that everyone would want to work on and be excited about using. While we looked at other analogue consoles, we came to the conclusion that if we wanted to compete on the big market, we needed a Duality. SSL has a long history of leading the market and professional artists, engineers and producers know this. We also needed the ability to work in the box, so Duality was the logical conclusion.”

Envisioned as a mix room with over-dub capabilities, the old Studio A live room was converted by Rogue Island Entertainment into a spacious control room, with the old control room transformed into smaller tracking studio. The new Studio A is wired for surround and ready for projects ranging from feature films and video game projects to mixing major recording artists that come in from around the world.

“I have worked with the full line of SSL consoles over the years, from the E+ and G Series to the J Series,” continues Janko. “Working with Duality brings that experience together into a more capable console that still retains the feel

of a legacy SSL desk, while giving me the tools to work with our resident Pro Tools® DAW. With the addition of the VHD mic pres, getting the right sound for a particular track happens in seconds. I don’t need to fumble through hundreds of plug-ins for the right match, and I don’t even go to my outboard gear that much anymore because the sound is spot on through Duality.”

The Duality at Rogue Island Entertainment is the first of its kind in the Seattle area, giving the facility a competitive edge while launching its production capabilities well into the future. Duality ensures staff members will be able to handle any project that comes their way.

“To get used to all the functions of the Duality, we ran an on-going album project through it,” states Janko. “The sound coming out of that board is simply amazing. The console is open, has lots of head room, is very powerful and the EQ sounds great. The VHD mic-pres are super cool and the DAW control perfect. With the Duality, the quality of the studio and the projects recorded here are truly being brought to the next level.”

Rogue Island Entertainment is a full service, interdisciplinary music company located in Seattle’s Old Rainier Brewery. A 6,000 square foot facility housing two state-of-the-art recording studios with artist/band accommodations, RIE is home to an independent record label, artist management representation and publishing services. For further information, please visit:

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