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Roland Launches SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer

Soft synth is a modern recreation of the legendary SYSTEM-100

Los Angeles, CA, August 27, 2015 — Roland announces the SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer. Part of the AIRA series, this new soft synth is a modern reproduction of Roland’s now-legendary semi-modular SYSTEM-100 monosynth. It integrates the features of the original Model 101 Synthesizer and Model 102 Expander units to deliver a fat and uniquely versatile, two-oscillator monosynth with modular routing capabilities. Designed for use with Roland’s SYSTEM-1 and 1m, as well as Mac and PC hosts, the new SYSTEM-100 uses Analog Circuit Behavior to faithfully recreate every detail of the warm, expansive sound of the original.

Created in 1975 and still sought-after to this day, the distinctive SYSTEM-100 broke new ground for monosynths. Its modular patching capabilities complemented ultra-fat oscillators and creamy filters to vastly increase sound design options. Pairing a Model 101 Synthesizer with a Model 102 Expander provided two VCOs and two LFOs, as well as Sample and Hold, Ring Modulation and a Noise Generator, along with modular routing capabilities.

The new SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer perfectly reproduces the sound and behavior of this legendary instrument and is brought to life with Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB). A number of modern additions are also included, to improve upon the original design.

The features of the original Model 101 Synthesizer and Model 102 Expander are now combined into a single interface, allowing patch-free use of both VCOs, both LFOs, S&H, Ring Mod and more. The signal path can be altered and parameters modulated by connecting virtual cables between the patch points. A new 14×15 Routing Matrix offers super-quick patching with all connections visually reflected on the control panel.

As with other Roland PLUG-OUTs, there are dual ADSR envelopes (VCF and VCA) and advanced pattern generation via the Scatter-equipped Arpeggiator. Six arpeggio types with six step settings combine with variable Scatter type and depth to create a broad selection of patterns. A lush phaser with modulation inputs joins the reverb and delay.

The SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer offers seamless integration and unique capabilities for SYSTEM-1 and SYSTEM-1m owners, including high-resolution, knob-per-function hardware control, stand-alone portability, and both virtual and physical routing and modulation capabilities (1m only).

When connected to a computer, a SYSTEM-1/1m functions as a dedicated controller for the SYSTEM-100. Sounds can be transferred back and forth between the hardware and software, and the SYSTEM-1/1m can act as a high-quality audio and MIDI interface. Users can also PLUG-OUT directly to the SYSTEM-1/1m, creating a stand-alone hardware SYSTEM-100 synthesizer with real physical controls that can go anywhere and doesn’t require a computer.

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