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Duality Services Music, Television and Film Projects

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – The Room 36 has settled into the massive new film, television and media production complex, Media Quarter Marx, in St. Marx Square, Vienna, showcasing a 24-channel Solid State Logic Duality SE console in Studio 1 and Nucleus in Studio 2. Working under the concept “more than a room,� the facility was designed to offer the highest level recording and post production experience to its music clients and fellow professional media tenants. The Duality room is supported by a fully loaded X-Rack with two Alpha-Links and a Delta Link unit to address DAW capture. A MADI-X8 is used to share audio between the two control rooms and several live recording spaces.

“The very positive results we received from our clients with our original SSL Matrix console led us to the decision to move up to a Duality and build a new, expanded facility in this media complex,� says Thomas Rohringer, co-owner of The Room 36. “Our clients from local TV-stations, international advertising agencies and film-production companies who have used Duality are extremely excited with the sound, while the engineers find Duality familiar and very powerful.�

Duality interfaces directly with Pro Tools® HD systems and a carefully chosen selection of analogue outboard gear. The combination of SSL’s SuperAnalogue™ sound and analogue routing combined with the on-console control of Pro Tools systems has made it much easier for the engineers to accomplish the same production goals with fewer steps during studio sessions.

“The facility is being used to develop all aspects of recording and marketing new talent, working with artists of all genres and covering all areas of modern music production,� says Michael Dvoracek, co-owner of The Room 36. “Duality certainly gives us a competitive edge over other studios, while enticing artists out of their home studios into our creative, professional space.�

Pictured Left to Right: Michael Dvoracek (Room 36 CEO) and Thomas Rohringer (CFO).

Media Quarter Marx was designed to be a major media production center for Central Europe, encompassing multiple film and television production companies, post production facilities and support offices, all networked via fibre optic network. Moving The Room 36 to the Media Quarter Marx location was made because a Duality-based room was a good fit with the other studios in the complex.

“The production companies that are in this building complex are excited to use our studios in part because of Duality,� continues Dvoracek. “We believe that moving to this location with Duality was good for our creative vision and bottom line.�

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