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Russia with Mr Putin play key

In Russia, the first time in history and strong prime minister and the President of the elected political situation led to a joint. Also because of this, as early as in early march Russia, people not only before the general election on the presidential election, but also interested in how to President putin “as a prime minister to work” interested. People also unavoidably will worry, medvedev the have a vice “baby face” of Russia’s new President, would this just putin puppet?To outside concerns, medvedev not hesitate to DuoCi stressed that the next four years he will be a man rule Russia: “the President ruled Russia, and, according to the constitution, the President is only one”. Mr Putin therefore make echo. February 14,, in the kremlin press conference, Mr Putin said, “I was all ready to go to work as a prime minister,” and said it would for higher learning depends on. In the Russian constitution and law, prime minister within the framework of the competent economic and social problems, political, administrative and personnel power and defense and foreign affairs by the President is responsible for.You can choose MasterCard pay Replica chopard optical sunglasses,which one suit to you according to your styles. In fact, Mr Putin had already make the focus moved to domestic issues. On March 3, and the next day the election have paid putin announced including substantial pay rise, promised not to change rubles face value, says it will continue to transfer budget support national priority policy. Such as plan At the same time, as prime minister, also sharply reduce the frequency of the international affairs.However, there are signs that the authority of the prime minister of Russia in ascension. On one hand, Mr Medvedev and putin’s comments have suggested that the future of the kremlin’s focus will be put on the domestic, also is to promote agriculture, housing, health care, education four national priority project implementation of the main line, “Mr Putin plan”. That way, prime minister vladimir putin nature to become lead, and the President to do is create favorable environment at home and abroad, all the necessary support to prime minister; On the other hand, as early as February 27, Russia the herald “revealed a brewing making important decisions: the kremlin’s plans to foreign capital and into the Russian company in the field of Russian strategic final examination and approval power transferred to prime minister hands. The same day, a customs system with the relevant laws amendment also suggest that the original ownership economy development and trade of the management of the customs, turn to the direct leadership by prime minister.Is the interface between the upper and Moncler Jackets belt equipped with the best partner. The right color to enhance your quality clothing embellishment, weaving techniques of the belt, match beige camel dress, with exotic holiday feeling. Bright solid color belt, so you have a movement of Moncler Online Shop temperament. Cloth and leather in different textures, so that a more diverse way you dress.Sina integrated products as people still dress to cover themselves and not just warm, now more than just the role of Moncler Jackets to block UV rays and eye protection, a sophisticated sunglasses are often trained to a “Kung Fu.Get Replica Crystal Pen Holder at any time you like in our sales center.” In addition to Moncler Jacken eye health, eye protection, no plastic surgery to achieve better results on the modified face, no matter what you face, the selection of a suitable sunglasses for your weaknesses, make you more confident shaping facial lines.Highlights the calm temperament, including partial rectangular and Moncler Jacken face Polarization side of the face, square face in the Asian ones, the face usually gives the feeling of air stable, so simple and low-key style may choose to highlight this advantage. Moncler Online Shop style slender frame is a good choice, not accounting for the proportion of the whole face. Width is too narrow mirror sunglasses will face in the visual look wider, the other, mirror the upturned ends of beams are less playful style for square face of the people.Affordable Replica super sunglasses is a better way to help you finishing your luxury dream.