Ryan Hewitt Masters Flogging Molly for Vinyl at Bernie Grundman's


New Album "Speed of Darkness" Adds Premium 12" Album Release

Pictured in the disc cutting studio at Bernie Grundman Mastering are (L-R) Bernie Grundman and recording engineer Ryan Hewitt. Photo by David Goggin.

Recording engineer Ryan Hewitt booked Bernie Grundman Mastering's disc mastering studio for the vinyl release of Flogging Molly's new album, "Speed of Darkness." Recorded at Echo Mountain Studios, Asheville, NC, and Sonic Ranch, El Paso, TX, the album was digitally mastered at 96K/24-bit for vinyl by Dave Collins at Dave Collins Mastering and at 44.1K/16-bit for CD and online release. Release date May 31, 2011 from Borstal Beat Records.

Founded in Los Angeles in 1997 by the Irish expatriate Dave King, Flogging Molly got its start (and its name) from a local Hollywood bar called Molly Malone's, where each week

the band performed, grew their following, and laid down the blueprint for its eventual success. "Speed of Darkness" is the band's fifth studio album, following "Swagger" (2000), "Drunken Lullabies" (2002), "Within a Mile of Home" (2004) and "Float" (2008). The acoustic/live DVD/CD combo "Whiskey on a Sunday" has earned Platinum status.

"We come to Bernie to cut the best lacquer we can for manufacturing," explained recording engineer Ryan Hewitt. "The person who buys vinyl wants to hear the maximum fidelity and have the satisfaction of dropping the needle on the record. It doesn't need to sound loud like a CD; it needs to sound as close to the mix as possible and have a great vibe."

Disc cutting is alive and well at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Whether for aggressive high powered club, hip hop and pop releases, or conservative high quality audiophile product, and anywhere in between, the mastering room is fully equipped with a wide variety of equipment.

Two cutting lathes are installed in the studio. The first is a high powered, solid state lathe fitted with a stereo Haeco cutter head and driven by Grundman's proprietary amplifier system. The second has a stereo Westrex cutter head driven by a refurbished Haeco vacuum-tube amplifier.

True mono cutter heads and amplifiers are also available. Both lathes were manufactured by Scully and are mounted on pneumatic isolation tables. Modifications include custom head suspensions and heavy duty, phase lock motors Sontec disc cutting computers control variable pitch and depth for maximizing signal on the disc.

For more info about Bernie Grundman Mastering, visit: http://www.berniegrundmanmastering.com