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SACPS Deploys Martin Audio For Cinco de Mayo Concert

Sacramento, CA––Sponsored by KSFM/CBS Radio, the yearly Cinco De Mayo Concert featured a lineup including Expose’, Jason Derulo, Baby Bash, Three 6 Mafia, Taio Cruz, Amanda Perez and Frankie J.

Held in Discovery Park, the event featured audio and staging by Sacramento Production Services Inc. with Production Manager Keith Wackford, FOH Engineer Greg Mahler, Systems Engineer Chris O’Brien, Monitor Engineer Rick Stansby, and Assistant Monitor Engineer & Stage Tech Dwaine Wise.

SACPS used a Sound Craft MH4 for FOH, a Yamaha M7CL for monitors and an impressive lineup of Martin Audio loudspeakers including 2 x 14 W8LCs, 2 x W8C for front fill, 8 WLX fly subs and 14 W8LS ground stacked subs for maximum impact and definition in the low end.

These arrays were complemented by Martin LE1500 and LE12J stage monitors, W8Cs and S218 subs for

side fills, and a Martin WT3 for drum fill. Amplification was by QSC Audio, processing by XTA & Xilica; outboard gear by Yamaha, TC Electronics and Drawmer, along with Shure Brothers R-Series Wireless B58a microphones.

Asked to comment about the show’s sound, Wackford said, “This was the first year SACPS provided support on this show. The past company had both mains and subs flown off the roof. Due to the increased size of the event and sound system, flying a full sub array was not possible alongside the mains due to weight limits on the roof system. By putting four WLX subs in the air, we gave the client to look and feel they wanted with out being over weight on the roof.�

Wackford and crew created a 2D Model using Martin Audio Display software to “confirm that 14 boxes per side was safe and could hit the 300ft + seating distance, while making sure we were within our weight limits.�

FOH engineer Greg Mahler had spent much time as system on other leading rigs, and this was one his first times on a Martin W8LC system which led him to comment, that “it was clean, warm and loud with plenty of low end to keep up with these types of acts.�

Keith summed things up: “With a few smaller events under our belt for this client, they were very happy that we can excel in not only there small multi stage shows but their large productions as well. So happy with Sacramento Production Services that another event has been booked in June featuring the Bare Naked Ladies.�

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