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Sadako and the Chinese national calamity

Besides, I really do not know, “Sadako and the Chinese national calamity, national nike air max shoes for sale  humiliation, and how to conclude by blood. History I be poor, and also particularly bad memory, but May 12 is the day of the Wenchuan earthquake, I know, but the link and the Nanjing Massacre, I really can not imagine the middle logic. If the textbook is not wrong, then, the Nanjing Massacre, December 13, 1937; As for the national humiliation day, I am afraid that in the May 9, high school history teacher is not old and confused, May 9, 1915, the Republic of China President Yuan Shikai in order to ascend the throne, the emperor, to accept humiliating “21”, to Mao Zedong angrily wrote: On May 7, the Republic of Qichi; why revenge, in my students. May 9 by the National Education Association as National Humiliation Day “fifty-nine national cheap nike air max 2012 mens  humiliation.
I never dared to say that they are patriotic, but if they want me to tell you that May 12 is a sad day in China, this day of the Nanjing Massacre, Japan this day is our national humiliation, patriotic, I only It can be said that, like patriotism, is I can not bear the pain of memory. Historical tears wet face comfort the souls of those who died, to comfort them, your offspring is very competitive, with a May 12, to pay homage to your blood flowing, I feel sad.
A forgotten history calls on everyone to remember history, this is really our unique cruel logic.
I suddenly felt Sadako is a pitiful ghost, because she not only be a ghost, but also is a scapegoat!
I came to feel that Sadako is a very powerful ghost before she drifted only just in Japan, a “forthcoming”, they we will disintegrate. This makes me feel to think of Japan, our people in the eyes of the so-called devils,cheap nike air max 2011 mens they should be coursing it, they just put a little devil, China “civil strife” had let up, together with the turmoil of the last year to grab the salt hand in a “sister” joke.