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SAE Dubai Upgrades Main Audio Studio with SSL AWS 948 Hybrid Console/Controller

“We chose the AWS 948 to provide a platform that covers all the bases regarding teaching modern music recording.”

DUBAI, UAE – A Solid State Logic AWS 948 Hybrid Console/Controller was chosen to upgrade the primary audio recording room, Studio 7, now named the SSL Studio, at the SAE Institute in Dubai. As a part of the worldwide network of over 56 SAE educational facilities, the Dubai campus offers a variety of degree and certificate programs in media production, including audio engineering, 3D animation, multimedia, game design, digital filmmaking and music production. The AWS 948 is the ideal educational tool to teach large format console operations and routing for both analogue and DAW production styles.

“Our aim is to provide quality, high-end education and training for future aspiring audio engineers, so keeping up with the latest industry standards throughout the course curriculum is essential,” says Randula De Silva, head of the Audio Department, SAE Institute, Dubai. “We chose the AWS 948 to provide a platform that covers all the bases regarding teaching modern music recording. The console’s size was a perfect fit for the control room and the self-contained operation of the AWS meant we did not need a dedicated machine room for power supplies and the like. This fit our ‘green’ design considerations practiced throughout the facility. With SSL’s reputation for reliability, the console really ticked all the boxes for this application. We also liked that fact that engineers across the industry were familiar with the console.”

SAE Dubai’s audio program revolves around seven studios, each having a different level of sophistication and primary application. The SSL Studio connects to the SSL Live Room, a moderate-sized room that can comfortably house a quartet of musicians. The acoustics of the room are ideal for picking up the dynamic response of instruments, especially drum kits and loud instruments. Having a console that can match the acoustic signature is extremely important.

“The SuperAnalogue™ mic preamps on the AWS capture every nuance of each performance, giving the students the opportunity to really hear the differences between microphones and instruments,” states De Silva. “The preamps also give us a very accurate natural sound that helps teach about EQ and dynamics. When a change is made, a student can hear the difference and that helps them train for professional work.”

SAE Dubai was founded in 2005 with the mission to bring expert training and education in all aspects of media production to the Middle East region. With the addition of the AWS with control of the resident Pro Tools® DAW system, allows students to work in both traditional analogue and computer-based workflows from the console surface.

“The SSL console has an extremely easy structure and signal flow,” says De Silva. “The integrated digital section, which makes recalling desk setup fast for analogue sessions, as well as when working on a remote layer for Pro Tools, make overall training easier while getting students acclimatized to sound engineering concepts faster. The entire point of the coursework is to enable students to really hear sound and understand how to accurately process and mix different tracks to produce professional results. The AWS 948 completely meets the needs of this program.”

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