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SAE Institute Announces New Merit and Need-Based Scholarships for Incoming Students

SAE Institute, which was cited as being the world’s “best of the best” audio engineering school by Vibe Magazine, is offering new merit and need-based scholarships to incoming students at each of its seven campuses across the United States.

The scholarship offerings are part of SAE Institute’s national expansion, which includes a new campus in New York City, a new campus in Chicago, and a newly enhanced Atlanta facility.  The goal of the scholarships it to provide an opportunity for more students to take advantage of SAE’s creative media education programs.

“Our merit and need-based scholarships will provide financial assistance to five new students with limited financial means at our New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles campuses,” says Scott McKinley, President of SAE USA.  “Each scholarship will reduce the recipient’s tuition fees by 25%, which will make our cost effective Audio Technology, Beat Lab Production, Electronic Music Production, iPhone App Development, and Music Business programs even more affordable to hard-working students who aspire to creative media careers in the entertainment industry.”

Applicants for the SAE scholarships must complete theFree Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, meet all requirements of eligibility, complete an entry application, provide a letter of recommendation, and write an original essay.  Merit-based scholarship applicants must also submit an original creative work.

“Being saddled with high levels of student debt is no way for our graduates to start their careers,” says McKinley.  “Our merit and need-based scholarships will reduce the amount that students owe on their college loans, and our industry-focused career services team will help our graduates to connect with our alumni around the world who are always on the lookout for the serious, skilled professionals.”

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