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SAE Institute Student Signs Production Deal with Beatology Music

Richard “Freeverse” Lopez, a student in the Audio Technology Program at SAE Institute Los Angeles, has signed a multi-year production deal with Beatology Music, a production company in North Hollywood that represents platinum-selling producers, writers, and musicians.  Lopez’s music tracks will be made available to record labels, film companies, ad agencies/commercial production houses, and television producers around the world.

Richard “Freeverse” Lopez, a student in the Audio Technology Program at SAE Institute Los Angeles, has signed a multi-year production deal with Beatology Music.

Lopez grew up in Sylmar, in California’s San Fernando Valley.  His father was a club DJ, and he shared his enthusiasm for spinning with Richard by giving him a pair of turntables when Richard was in fifth grade.  He began taking drum lessons while in middle school, and when he entered Sylmar High School in 2002, Lopez was playing in local punk, indie, and ska bands.  Lopez added songwriting and music production to his repertoire in his junior year, and he graduated from high school in 2005.

I discovered SAE when I was researching Los Angeles recording schools,” says Lopez.  “After going on numerous tours, I realized that the flashy, overpriced schools that I had visited weren’t for me.  I wanted a school that would teach me what I needed to learn without the empty glitz and glamour, and SAE had exactly what I was looking for.”

The road to Lopez’s deal with Beatology began at “Beat Camp”, a hip hop education seminar presented by iStandard, a producer networking company.  The “Beat Camp” event, which was held at SAE Los Angeles in September ’13, included a beat-making competition featuring the work of aspiring LA-based producers.  Lopez’s beats, which he entered into the competition, impressed the “Beat Camp” directors.

“When I first heard Freeverse’s work at ‘Beat Camp’, I instantly noticed how smooth his sound was,” says Joseph Loya, an executive at Beatology Music.  “Given his background as a drummer, it was easy to notice his superb musicianship, especially his control over the ‘pocket’.  A lot of producers who I’ve worked with have strengths in specific areas, but Rich is very well-rounded and crafts an atmosphere that’s unique to him as an artist and beatmaker.”

“I’m thrilled to be offered this awesome opportunity from Beatology,” says Lopez.  “It never would have come about if I wasn’t a student at SAE, and I couldn’t have chosen a better school to help me build my skills, experience, and career.”

“SAE’s staff and teachers are talented, knowledgeable, and are always willing to lend a hand.  The classes are fast-paced, but they equip you with the important skills and vital tools to make it in this business – with 100% honesty and no sugar coating.”

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Lopez began his full-time studies in SAE Los Angeles’ Audio Technology Program in January ’14.   He’s scheduled to graduate in October ’14 with an Audio Technology Diploma.