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SAE Institute Teams with Euphonix Artist Series

Palo Alto, CA, January 2nd, 2009 – Euphonix, Inc. has announced that the SAE Institute, the leading provider of pro audio and multimedia education worldwide, is incorporating Euphonix MC Control and MC Mix media controllers into 25 SAE Institutes across four continents. The SAE Institute’s audio curriculum includes training on the world’s leading digital audio workstations to help prepare students for real world production situations. Euphonix’ Artist Series media controllers offer comprehensive control over Pro Tools, Logic Studio and many more software applications, providing SAE with unmatched flexibility in integrating MC Control and MC Mix into their diverse curriculum.

“SAE is the world leader in audio and creative media training, and we are very excited to have our MC Control and MC Mix chosen for their state-of-the-art institutes,” stated Martin Kloiber, Euphonix CEO. “The power and flexibility of the Artist Series is the perfect match for SAE’s innovative teaching approach, and provides students with cutting-edge media controllers that can be used with virtually any audio or video application.”

The Artist Series uses a high-speed control protocol developed by Euphonix called EuCon that enables simultaneous control of multiple applications and even workstations over an Ethernet cable. This allows SAE students to not only remotely access and control any workstation located on the network, but EuCon also enables the instantaneous switching between multiple Mac workstations – perfect for projects that require using dedicated audio and video workstations. Furthermore, the small footprint of the MC Control and MC Mix allows these media controllers to easily integrate into any studio or lab, fitting perfectly between a computer keyboard and screen.

Euphonix has worked closely with the world’s leading software developers like Apple, Steinberg, MOTU and others to deeply integrate native EuCon support into their DAWs to provide high-resolution, high-speed control over almost all DAW functions for an unmatched editing and mixing experience. The MC Control and MC Mix also support the HUI and Mackie Control protocols for even greater flexibility, at a faster speed and higher resolution than any other controllers.

“We are delighted to be installing Euphonix MC Control and MC Mix media controllers in so many of our campuses around the world,� says SAE’s owner Tom Misner. “Students who attend SAE Institutes learn how to use a huge variety of hardware and software, giving them the widest possible skill set to help them with their chosen careers. The EuCon protocol may only have been around a short while but has already become an industry standard, such is the calibre of these superb media controllers. Euphonix is a heavyweight in the world of recording and now our students get to see first hand why the gear it produces has made such an impact in today’s studio environments.�

About SAE Institute of Technology:

Headquartered in Oxford, England, SAE Institute is the world’s first and largest network of audio, film and multimedia education and training centers. SAE is affiliated with Middlesex University (England), Southern Cross University (Australia) and Southern Institute of Technology (New Zealand). The Institute operates over 50 campuses in more than 24 countries on four continents. It offers diploma and full degree programs in audio, multimedia, digital filmmaking, animation and gaming. SAE is part of the SAE Technology Group, which also owns and operates Studios 301 (with locations in Sydney and Byron Bay, Australia, Cologne, Germany, Studios 301 is a collective group of state-of-the-art recording and mastering facilities), the Computer Graphics College and QANTM.