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Sanken Introduces New CU-55 Mic at NAB

Ideal Off-Axis Cardioid for TV Broadcast, VO and High-End Radio

Sanken microphones, world leader in broadcast microphones for more than 50 years, is introducing at NAB 2013 the new generation CU-55 cardioid microphone. Featuring a modern, compact design, the CU-55 provides a rich, robust sound in a small, lightweight, easy to position package.

The flat off-axis response of this new generation microphone is very useful in handling announcer movement, or when more than one voice is on mic. The extremely low proximity effect of the CU-55 guarantees even-sounding, smooth broadcasts and helps to make processing consistent and clear.

The CU-55 gives the warm, rich tones and high-quality voice reproduction that is a Sanken hallmark. This new mic houses a side-firing 16mm capsule with a resonant chamber like the top of the line Sanken CU-44x studio mic — precision tuned to create a perfect cardioid pattern that is omnidirectional below 50 kHz.

The CU-55 uses the same diaphragm material as Sanken’s remarkable CO-100K and CUW-180 mics. Ideal for voice in broadcast, film VO and high-end radio, the versatile CU-55 is a superb all-around studio mic.

Top Nashville producer/engineer Chuck Ainlay remarked, “Sanken’s new CU-55 is right up there in quality with their entire family of top studio mics, and a welcome addition. It’s warm and natural, not hyped at all, and is really great as a compact side-address mic that is easy to maneuver into tight spaces.”

* Idea for voice in TV, radio and film
* Natural, transparent, uncolored sound
* Perfect cardioid pattern
* -10dB attenuation switch for two sensitivity settings
* Flat frequency response (40Hz to 20,000Hz)
* High maximum SPL of 137 dB at 1% THD and 15dB ENL

This new addition to the Sanken line is being introduced at just $1,195.00.

Hear the CU-55 and other fine Sanken mics at NAB Booth # C3940 .

Learn more about Sanken at distributor or phone 323.845.1171