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Sanken Microphones Launches Chromatic Series for Studio Recording

The Collection Includes New CU-55 Side-Firing Cardioid Mic

Sanken Microphones, Japan’s first and most original microphone manufacturer, has announced the Chromatic Series designed for studio recording. Coinciding with the launch of the new Chromatic Series is the new CU-55 cardioid microphone, METAlliance(r) Certified, which features a modern, compact design in a small, lightweight, easy to position package.

To learn more about the full Chromatic Series line visit the new website:

Sanken has looked deeply into the needs of studio recording engineers who demand the highest level of transparent, accurate and natural sounding recordings. The result is the Chromatic Series, a family of precision tools that can handle anything from the roughest sounds of a metal band to the supernatural realms of symphonic recording.

Famed producer/engineer George Massenburg says about Sanken, “A big sound, well-separated tones, clean high-end, warm low-end, and nice attack. The high frequency response is unbelievable.” Respected film scoring mixer and recording engineer/producer Bruce Botnick adds, “The clarity and musicality is astounding.”

The entire line of Chromatic Series microphones:

Sanken CU-44X MkII — METAlliance(r) Certified
A superior unidirectional, double-condenser microphone, the first transformerless microphone featuring a dual-capsule condenser design.
Sanken CU-41
A tried and true cardioid microphone with two-way transducer, provides a totally flat frequency response and distortion-free performance.
Sanken CMS-2
A superb M-S stereo mic designed primarily to record orchestras, choruses and choirs in theaters, concert halls and churches.
Sanken CO-100K — METAlliance(r) Certified
With a 20Hz ~ 100kHz range, this omni-directional condenser microphone is the world’s first 100kHz microphone designed specifically for professional recording.
Sanken CUW-180
A unique double 180° cardioid condenser microphone with two independently adjustable capsules combined in one compact body.
Sanken CU-55 — METAlliance(r) Certified
Affordably priced, this new side-firing microphone provides a rich vintage sound and is a fitting addition to the Sanken line of fine studio microphones.

To learn more about the Sanken Chromatic Series, visit the new website:
or call Sanken distributor plus24 at 323.845.1171