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Sanken Partners With Lectrosonics For New COS-11D Lavalier Microphone

“The new mic is flawless,” says Lectrosonics President Larry Fisher

Pictured is the new Sanken COS-11D lavalier microphone.

Sanken, manufacturer of the industrywide standard in ultra-miniature lavalier microphones, has announced the new COS-11D, the latest version in the popular COS-11 lavalier series. The new design incorporates exclusive design advances that deal with digital and digital/analog hybrid wireless transmission.

Jim Pace, President of Sanken distributor plus24, remarked, “Working with the latest in wireless technologies, Sanken and Lectrosonics have partnered to provide a unique solution for our users. Sanken Microphones is excited to announce this breakthrough product.”

The new COS-11D has been approved by Lectrosonics and President Larry Fisher remarked, “We tested the new version of the COS-11D with our UM700 digital modulation transmitter and found that we could produce no digital noise, such as a whine, or even an increase in the mic noise floor. I think the RF bypassing in the new version is a great improvement and should work perfectly and quietly with the Lectrosonics’ digital transmitters. The new mic is flawless.”

In today’s wireless transmission systems the microphone must remain unaffected by the new forms of transmitter signals. While the benefits of these new systems are obvious, they present new challenges in the area of emission protection. Sanken Microphones has designed the COS-11D specifically to reduce the instances where interference is an issue.

The new COS-11D version is available in limited quantities. The unit will be offered in the PT (pig tail) version with standard sensitivity and the Red Mark model with reduced sensitivity. To create the COS-11D, Sanken has combined extensive R&D with the world’s most advanced precision craftsmanship for the ultimate in sensitivity and natural sound.

For info about Sanken, visit distributor plus24:
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To learn more about Lectrosonics and its innovative range of wireless audio transmission systems, visit or phone 800.821.1121