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Saul Walker, “The Rocket Scientist in the Recording Studio,” to Give Seminar at the 139th International Audio Engineering Society Convention

-— Meet the co-founder of API, the inventor of the industry-defining 500 Series and the designer of automated consoles and other landmark products —

New York, NY — Yes, there actually are rocket scientists working in the audio industry, and Saul Walker is one of them. As co-founder and chief engineer of API and creator of the first 500 Series audio modules, among many other achievements, Walker has taken the audio world to greater heights. He will be the presenter at the 139th AES seminar “The Rocket Scientist In the Recording Studio,” to be held on Saturday, October 31, from 12:30 – 2:00 pm at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. The session – open to all attendees with either FREE Exhibits-Plus or All Access badges – will be moderated by Alex Case, associate professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and AES Incoming President-Elect.

“Everyone in the audio industry – make that everyone who listens to music – owes a huge debt to Saul Walker,” said Case. “He has shaped the sound of modern recording as much as anyone.”

At the seminar, Walker will tell the inside story behind the development of the 500 Series, which literally changed the shape of audio processors with its compact form factor, and included landmark products like the 512 Mic Preamp, the 550A EQ and the 500 Lunchbox. As if that weren’t enough, Walker is the inventor of the 2520 op amp, which paved the way for modern audio technology. His console system designs are still highly sought after even after four decades, and he has created automated film post-production consoles for major film studios worldwide (API stands for “Automated Processes, Inc.”). And yes, Walker was a high-level rocket scientist who designed digitally controlled spectrum analyzers for NASA, the US Navy, and more. Case will help navigate the conversation with the inventor, engineer and educator whose career has had such far-reaching influence, from missiles to mixers, from outer space to rack space.

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