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tenarian rode 24.25km in 60 minutes watched by crowds of cheering supporters with the Sac Louis Vuitton | Sac Louis Vuitton Soldes Global Biking Union (UCI) velodrome in Aigle, Switzerland.

Marchard kept a gradual speed and was Christian Louboutin,Chaussures Christian Louboutin,Christian Louboutin pas cher hardly from breath when he completed, telling his followers: “I could have gone faster, I didn’t want to.”

The feat does not threaten the 49.7km achieved by Czech cyclist Ondrej Sosenka in 2005 on the age of 29, but it will be recognised by the UCI in a new Sac à main, Sacs pas cher, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, Sacs en cuir, Maroquinerie boutique over-100s category.

“It will be official,” said Frederic Rey, an official on the World Biking Centre, the headquarters of the UCI.

Marchand, who marked a century in November, enjoyed biking as a teenager but only returned to the sport with the age of 78.

He is a keen member of his local club in Ardeche, south-central France, which helped co-ordinate t