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Seattle‘s Bob Rivers Purchases Telefunken | USA Collection

Top-Rated KZOK Drivetime DJ Also Host‘s “Bob‘s Garage”

Pictured is Seattle radio icon Bob Rivers with his new Telefunken | USA U47 large diaphragm condenser microphone.

Seattle, WA, December, 2007 – Seattle‘s star DJ Bob Rivers has acquired a selection of Telefunken | USA microphones, including the crown jewel, his historic U47 recreation of the classic condenser tube microphone. Rivers is on the air daily from 5-10 AM and also hosts “Bob‘s Garage,” which features live performances by classic rock bands such as Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat. Rivers is also well known for his Atlantic Records “Twisted Christmas” collection of parodies, which has sold over 1.6 million units.

“I bought an original Telefunken U48 back in the 80s and have been hoping ever since that someone could bring back that classic mic sound,” remarks Rivers. “My new Telefunken | USA U47 has a smoothness that no other current mics have, and I have put it up against the best. There is just something in the sauce that makes this mic work in a very wide range of applications.”

In addition to his U47 from Telefunken | USA‘s Professional Series, Rivers has also purchased a matched pair of R-F-T AK47 large diaphragm mics. “I heard that the AK47 was the best mic for the price and so I had a shootout with a number of mics in that price range. Afterwards, I immediately put one of my own more expensive microphones up for sale, one which was considered to be the ‘one to have‘. The AK47 simply sounded better than all the others.”

Rivers‘ Christmas parodies include “Me and Mrs. Claus,” “Didn‘t I Get This Last Year,” “The Buttcracker Suite,” and “Aquaclaus,” a twisted version of the Jethro Tull classic. “I try to duplicate the sound of the original records, and in many cases I think they used those old classic Telefunkens. If I want a sound today that is rich, full, and sounds like the vocals on the old records, Telefunken | USA is a great place to start. In fact, I imagine it sounds just like the originals sounded when they were brand new, right of the box.”

Rivers has also acquired Telefunken | USA‘s large diaphragm Ela M12 reproduction of the original classic mic. “I had the mic first shipped to an incredibly qualified and very critical guy for evaluation. He had not heard the mic yet and told me that he wouldn‘t let me waste my money unless the mic was really worth it. He called me back after testing the mic and said, ‘I‘ve got bad news for you. You really need that microphone.‘ The M12 is an amazing mic, and especially for female vocalists it is the choice.”

Asked why his Twisted Radio has been at the top of the ratings in Seattle for years, Rivers says: “Our team is the best ensemble cast I’ve ever heard in this business. And we don’t have to be shock jocks to be interesting. Also, of course, we pride ourselves on the superlative sonic quality of our productions.”

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