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Seneschal Gains SF Green Business Recognition

City Confers Green Status On Professional Services Firm

San Francisco – October 20, 2009 — Though “green� seems to be the latest gimmick for some, many companies are adopting sustainable practices not only for the common good, but also to make themselves more competitive. Today, Seneschal, a professional services organization serving media manufacturers and content creators worldwide, announced their formal recognition as a San Francisco Green Business by the City of San Francisco Department of the Environment.

Long term retention of digital content is a big driver of storage growth in the medical, legal and entertainment industries, but without careful planning, energy consumption can rise dramatically due to increased HVAC and electrical loads. Seneschal focuses on the digital content space, working with clients to specify, design, and implement efficient, high reliability storage and management infrastructures.

As a Bay Area–based professional services provider catering to a wide range

of client companies, Seneschal conducts the majority of their business electronically. Paper use is minimized, while web–based consultation requires less fuel than on–site visits. Since it’s inception, Seneschal has been committed to an ongoing effort to reduce their impact on the environment in everything they do. Some of the steps taken to further this objective include:

• Diminishing the dependency on paper usage by adopting an all–electronic office workflow
• Employing low mercury or compact fluorescents for all lighting
• Landscaping with native plants to reduce outdoor water use
• Reducing business travel with web–based collaboration tools
• Encouraging the use of public transportation
• Purchasing products with recycled content & low toxicity
• Using heavy metal–free, rechargeable batteries where possible
• Donating unused equipment to charitable organizations for reuse
• Relying on passive cooling, spot heating and 66˚ thermostat settings
• Disposing of eWaste through accredited recyclers while composting organic waste
• Switching to washable cups & plates instead of disposables

“As with many organizations, our technology needs are constantly evolving,� said Jack Vad, producer/engineer of the San Francisco Symphony. “At the same time, our concerns about energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions to meet these requirements are equally important. Seneschal has provided us with the expertise and guidance to successfully accomplish all of our goals.�

“It’s taken a year of large and small adjustments to bring Seneschal into the 21st century. Joining the rarified ranks of recognized San Francisco green businesses has actually helped us to reduce costs, decrease project delivery times, and improve customer satisfaction,� said Oliver Masciarotte, founder and principal at Seneschal. “Our office is located in a National Recreation Area right inside the city, so we’re very much aware of our environmental impact. The everyday mantra around here is the three Rs; Reduce, Reuse & Recycle,� he continued. “With our new systems in place, Seneschal is saving well over 1500 kWh of energy per year, along with an annual CO2 reduction of over 3400 pounds. Those significant savings improve our bottom line while making our surroundings a bit less degraded for everyone.�

To learn more about Seneschal and to discuss business needs and pain points, visit them on the web at, or call 1-415-997-8324.

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Seneschal provides technical professional services for the creation, marketing and management of digital content and rich media. Seneschal works with manufacturers on branding, positioning, market research and product planning. For rich media producers, Seneschal develops cost effective solutions that address content production, post, preservation and re–purposing, while emphasizing ease of administration. Seneschal’s customer base ranges from manufacturers and governmental organizations to media production houses worldwide. Founded in 1997, Seneschal is headed by Oliver A. Masciarotte, a 28 year veteran of the rich media industry. and the Seneschal logo and type are trademarks of Seneschal in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.