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Sennheiser Provides Artist Relations Support Where it Counts, Helping Good Fight Entertainment Nurture and Grow an Emerging Talent Roster

Old Lyme, Conn., – December 22, 2011- In the metal and hardcore music genres, as in many other categories, live performance and touring is an essential component of an artist’s career growth and oftentimes the essence of their very existence. Good Fight Entertainment — which manages both established and emerging artists such as BlessTheFall, Between the Buried and Me, Siliverstein, Polar Bear Club and many others — depends on audio specialist Sennheiser to ensure its entire artist roster gets the technical support and attention they deserve while on the road.

By having a proactive artist relations team at Sennheiser, Amy Buck, who currently oversees sponsorships and marketing for the Good Fight roster, can focus on other business tasks related to developing the careers of her artists. “The gear side of things is so important, but it is invisible to me because I know Sennheiser will take care of the technical aspects if any support is required,” she says. Currently, most of Good Fight’s artists use Sennheiser wireless instrument systems, wired microphones and wireless personal monitors.

When repairs or technical support is needed — as it invariably is given the music genre and rigorous touring schedules — Buck knows that any gear issues will be dealt with swiftly and proactively. She recalls one instance in which a member of Between The Buried and Me lost his wireless pack. “They were very worried that he wouldn’t be able to communicate with the rest of the band and they were in the middle of a tour. Our artist relations rep Tim Moore took care of them right away and got a new wireless pack before the next date.”

Buck appreciates the reliability and usability of Sennheiser products, but having a proactive artist relations team at Sennheiser provides her with an extra measure of security. “Sometimes, with other equipment manufacturers, I have to make calls to even find out who the artist relations guy is,” Buck says. “Sennheiser is proactive and there to support us even before we need the help — this is an incredible benefit to us and an enormous time saver.”

Artists also routinely rely on Sennheiser for advice on how to outfit their touring equipment infrastructure as they become more successful: “Good Fight is all about developing unique talent in this genre, and as their bands become more sophisticated in developing their touring rigs, they call us to help them figure out the right way forward,” says Tim Moore, artist relations manager for Sennheiser. “For us, the relationship helps us keep a close eye out for important young acts, while allowing us to continue building relations with an impressive roster of emerging talent.”

The relationship between Good Fight and Sennheiser extends beyond simply equipment and tour support. “We have collaborated with Sennheiser in many different ways and they really get the big picture of what we are doing,” says Buck. “We have conducted media interviews and contests in support of the tours — particularly in the case of BlessTheFall — and have completed many promotional videos and product placements. Because we have worked together for so long, we are in lock step with each other; this is one of the highlights of working with Sennheiser.”

When it comes to Sennheiser, it all comes back to the sound: “We are pleased to be working with Sennheiser because the sound is absolutely core to the experience — it is all about the live shows,” Buck concludes.