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Set It Off Rocks Stage and Studio With TELEFUNKEN

LA-based hard rockers Set It Off have released their new album, “Midnight,” which features hard-driving vocals by lead singer Cody Carson. Pushing TELEFUNKEN’S ELA M 251E classic large diaphragm tube microphone to the limit, Carson’s vocal command is experienced from his subtlest delicate nuances to the explosive power of one of today’s strongest singers.

“We’ve tried all kinds of mics on my voice,” says Carson, “but when we finally tried Telefunken’s 251 it was a no brainer. Our producers, Mike Green and Brandon Paddock, now use that mic for all of my vocals, from my soft and intimate lower range to the loudness of my full blast. The 251 has an amazing crispness that just cuts right through the mix.”

Los Angeles-based band Set It Off is comprised of Cody Carson, vocals; Dan Clermont, guitar; Zach DeWall, guitar; and Maxx Danziger, drums. The band is known for exploring their original brand of explosive pop music, fused with daring electronics, hard driving rock instrumentation, seductive guitar riffs and a nasty dance-worthy vibe. 

When Set It Off takes to the stage for their extensive touring in support of the new album, Carson relies on TELEFUNKEN’S popular M80 dynamic microphone. “I met with the folks at Telefunken and told them about the various mics I had been working with and they said to try the M80. We did a blind test with our road team and there was no debate. What I first loved was the light weight in a mic that is so technically advanced. It’s able to handle my entire range and really get clarity in the lower register. And when I go up to my higher range, it’s totally solid, as well. I don’t have to worry about the audience understanding what I’m saying on stage, and we’re able to project the full vocal performance and energy.”

Set It Off’s debut album, “Cinematics,” debuted at # 4 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and #9 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart, followed by the band’s sophomore album, “Duality,” which debuted at No. 18 on the Billboard Independent Chart. The group’s previous full-length release, “Upside Down,” was noted as one of the “Most Anticipated Albums of 2016” by Alternative Press Magazine. 

Now in 2019, Set It Off comes to Fearless Records for “Midnight,” the next chapter in the band’s rock odyssey, featuring the edgy and pop-laden single, “Dancing With The Devil”:

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