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Silk Scarves Secret of Winter Fashion

Silk scarves for men and women make an elegant fashion statement. The sheen of the silk and its gentle folds give a sophisticated look to the dressing. Nowadays, silk scarves are being used by men and women increasingly to dress with style apart from keeping oneself warm. Silk scarves may be made of hand-woven silk or with factory-made silk and may be printed with vegetable dyes or with vegetable dyes.An elegant scarf is made in tusssar silk and embroidered with Kantha. Tussar silk has a cr??pe like crisp feel and it is produced, processed, woven and dyed entirely by hand. Kantha is traditional style embroidery which uses the eco-friendly concept of recycling the used threads and cloth patches for embroidery by hand.The thread and cloth are 100% cotton or silk, never synthetic fibres. Thus, tussar silk scarves not only provide elegance to the dress, but also make a conscious statement of the dignity of hand-crafted labour, eco-friendly lifestyle and use of minimal energy for producing fashionable clothing. Today’s gentleman, who has to project himself not only as a successful individual, but also as a conscious person, appropriately uses tussar silk scarves for making a fashion statement. Some other scarves for men in the same class are made of pure munga silk, which again is 100% hand produced, hand processed and hand woven. Only vegetable dyes are used for these scarves.New arrival VISA payment of Replica Hermes Scarves that you will be attracted by them.While men’s scarves are long, square shaped scarves are more in fashion for women, who either wrap it around their neck or tie it around their head. Printed silk scarf for women provides an elegant look. Prints are in floral patterns, culled from the traditional designs of India, which attribute a sophisticated elegance to the clothing. There are some long scarves available, which may be draped like a stole. Especially in winters these scarves give a look of warmth and style to the woman. Embroidered silk scarves for women also use the traditional embroidery styles from the rich repertoire of traditional embroidery designs from India.These scarves are usually in soft pastel shades and use multi-colour silk thread for embroidery. Another method to produce pattern on silk scarves is tie and dye. Using vegetable dyes, knots are made on the cloth surface tying them with thin cotton threads. The knotted and free surfaces are dyed separately, using different colours to produce a rich colourful effect. Alternatively, threads are tied into knots at separate intervals according to a pre-calculated mathematical grid and these knots and free lengths of threads are dyed separately in different dyes.Do not miss the super chance to take these elegant luxuries Fake Miu Miu Scarves home. Then, these dyed threads are hand woven to produce the scarf.It is difficult to distinguish Fake Rollerball Pen are authentic or fake because of high imitation.