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Simple day-to-day makeup how to makeup

Many beginner makeup girl will be tedious steps of makeup intimidated by the fact, in everyday life, of a day-to-day makeup does not need to be so complicated, the simple appearance of the day-to-day makeup natural, very simple to operate, discount mac cosmetics store now teachpainting your simple everyday makeup, make you beautiful every day.
step1: to quickly get rid of tired is necessary to clever use of eye makeup choose brown mac eyeliner, smear on the upper eyelid, so you can make the eyes more soft. step2: use dark green mousse eyeliner painted eyeliner, eye makeup complete set apart so that the will not look sets too monotonous. step3: lash line up first touched upon close eyelashes depict thin liner, pay attention to the gap between the lashes to fill enough along the line can then plot points into a first way draw, at the tail and on the eyeliner natural convergence. step4: entire makeup Dingzhuang, the thin mac loose powder evenly on the face stucco delicate and soft texture of loose powder is most suitable for summer and makeup use.
Wow, dear, how, is very simple, if you like decisive Favorite oh, quickly hands together and mac cosmetics outlet to learn it.