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Sinergie Group Takes an Assertive Approach for Launching VUE Audiotechnik in Italy

PALERMO, ITALY, NOVEMBER 11, 2015VUE Audiotechnik is pleased to announce Sinergie Group S.r.l., based in Palermo, Italy, as its official distributor for the country. This move will help build sales and provide local support for VUE users in Italy. The company will maintain a complete range of VUE products inventory including smaller a-Class and i-Class systems, along with the h-Class Premium Powered Systems and al-Class Scalable Line Array Systems.

Sinergie Group has been a leader in the design and supply of high-profile events and trade shows as well as offering audio, lighting and video services with technical assistance. The company recently started building up their new distribution business and is actively working to expand its network of contractors and hire companies throughout Italy. In the short term, the company sales team is expected to grow to over 20 regional audio trade professionals who will be holding demos throughout the country, helping to increase VUE loudspeaker visibility and promote the pristine sound quality VUE has become known for.

 “VUE’s largest strengths are acoustic quality, efficiency and versatility,” says Alex Collazzo of Sinergie Group. “With innovations such as its beryllium driver technology, VUE products produce exceptionally high quality sound and they are extremely reliable, even for the most demanding projects.”

The VUE-developed compression drivers feature Truextent® beryllium technology, which is featured in the h-Class and al-Class products, allowing for a noticeable difference in the HF extension and response linearity by moving the first break-up modes well above the audible range. Beryllium outperforms many commonly used diaphragm materials including aluminum and titanium as a result of its significantly higher stiffness-to-mass ratio.

The al-Class’ smallest member is already finding its niche application: “Thanks to the light weight of the al-4, we can use the line array in several special situations,” continues Collazzo. “Since we can hang it without difficulty, installations such as fragile old theaters that cater to classical music become profoundly easier projects.”

“Sinergie Group’s long history of supporting major events and expanding distribution efforts make them a great fit to represent our products in the Italian market,” says Holger Kuno de Buhr, MD of VUE Europa. “The increased presence of VUE’s loudspeaker products in the country through Sinergie Group’s efforts will be sure to continue the rapid growth of our global brand.”

Image: From left to right:

Dino Pizzuto – Sales Manager

Gabriele Giambertone – Technical Department

Livio Spallino – Marketing Account Executive

Alex Collazzo – General Manager

Pier Domino – Executive Manager

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