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Sir Gilbert Levine Explores Penteo Surround for Bruckner’s “Te Deum”

Pictured with the Penteo PostPro Desktop processor at Sync Sound in New York City are (L-R) co-owner/re-recording mixer Ken Hahn and

NYC’s Sync Sound Prepares 5.1 Audio for DVD Release

For DVD and broadcast on public television, Sir Gilbert Levine conducted Bruckner’s Symphony No. 9 and “Te Deum,” in Germany’s famed gothic Cologne Cathedral. Originally recorded in stereo, the exemplary performance will be available in 5.1 Penteo Surround for its DVD release. Premiering this May on NYC’s WNET and PBS stations nationwide, the production features the WDR Symphony, one of Germany’s finest orchestras, as well as the WDR Radio Choir, and the NDR choir of Hamburg, all three ensembles in their U.S broadcast debuts.

“Sir Gilbert was very happy with his live stereo recording,” explained Sync Sound studio co-owner and re-recording mixer

Ken Hahn. “And he was thrilled with the 5.1 upmix made possible with the new Penteo Surround processor. Unlike other 5.1 conversion methods, Penteo adds no coloration. It is absolutely true to the original stereo mix, and this is especially true of classical works and opera.”

Introduced at the April, 2010 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention, the Penteo PostPro(tm) Desktop and Penteo PostPro(tm) Rackmount units are now shipping. For more information and online ordering, visit:

Ken Hahn, winner of five Emmy Awards and the TEC Award for Best Audio Post Production Mixer, co-founded Sync Sound in 1984. Hahn specializes in mixing for television, film, home video, CD and DVD, in stereo and 5.1 Surround. “Upmixing from stereo to 5.1 usually introduces coloration and delays are induced, which causes phase issues and other artifacts. Penteo doesn’t do any of that. What you put is in what you get out.”

Sir Gilbert Levine has conducted major orchestras in Europe including the Royal Philharmonic, London Philharmonic, Philharmonia Orchestra, L’Orchestre de la Bastille and Staatskapelle Dresden, and in the U.S., the Philadelphia Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony and the Pittsburgh Symphony. This is his 14th international television concert. Prior to the PBS broadcast premiere of Bruckner’s “Te Deum,” a private Surround Sound screening and champagne reception was held at The Tribeca Film Center in NYC.

Sir Levine remarked on the new 5.1 audio post-production of “Bruckner’s IX and Te Deum,” “Recording in Cologne Cathedral is a real challenge. The remarkable professionals at the WDR did a masterful job of capturing our performances in that soaring space in the original stereo. Ken Hahn at Sync Sound was expert in mixing the sound for the PBS broadcast. His suggestion to add the Penteo Surround Sound afforded the viewer of “Music of Majestic Spirit,” the PBS version of the concert, the awe-inspiring sense of being truly present, live in the Cathedral: hearing Bruckner’s gorgeous music in magnificent sound reproduction. I love the sound on the PBS DVD.”

Ken Hahn added, “There are plenty of stereo productions that need additional processing to make them effective in 5.1, but not this production of Bruckner’s 9th, which has over four seconds of reverberation time created by the 145 meters long cathedral acoustics. The last thing you would want is to add more delay time and any other effects.”

PenteoSurround, Inc., based in San Francisco, California, has created cutting-edge technologies and services that convert any stereo audio into 5.1 surround sound, with automatic downmixing back to stereo. The company has developed proprietary, patent-pending technologies and applications that allow television, film, and music industry professionals to convert and deliver their stereo content and assets into superior-quality 5.1 surround sound automatically, setting a new standard in completely downconvertible, stereo-compatible 5.1 audio processing. Penteo is a registered trademark of PenteoSurround, Inc.

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