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Miami, FL – March 2009 … As one of the world’s premier cruise line operators offering unique cruisetour vacations from both coasts of the United States, Alaska, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, and New Zealand, Royal Caribbean International knows quite a bit about entertaining its passengers. With twenty ships ranging from 70,000 Gross Tonnes and carrying 1,900 passengers, up to ships that are 160,000 Gross Tonnes that carry 3,700 passengers, entertainment is, without question, Royal Caribbean’s business. The company uses a wide range of live sound reinforcement products to equip its Broadway-style theaters, lounges, piano bars, and other entertainment venues and recently began outfitting their entertainers with new wireless headset microphones from Da-Cappo, distributed throughout the Americas by Buena Park, CA-based Hosa Technology.

Paul Riley, Fleet Technical Specialist – Sound, Lighting, and Rigging for Royal Caribbean International, oversees all of the technical operations for the entertainment spaces onboard the company’s ships. According to Riley, “Presently, we have twelve of the Da-Cappo DA07BE and DA07BL (beige/black) microphones in service, and are using them for the lead singers in our production shows onboard three of the ships in our fleet.â€?

The Da-Cappo DA07 Dual Ear Micro Microphone features Da-Cappo’s European designed 2.5 mm diameter capsule. In addition to providing a rich, full sound reminiscent of full-sized microphones, this capsule is impervious to perspiration or rain—making it excellent choice for anyone working under hot stage lights or in marine environments. To ensure the most comfortable fit, the microphone incorporates a highly adjustable dual over-the-ear design that folds flat for convenient storage. Further, the DA07 enables one to adjust both the mic’s boom length and earpiece size.

When asked what prompted the purchase of the Da-Cappo DA07 Micro Microphones, Riley offered the following assessment. “While we were happy with our existing microphones,� explained Riley, “one of our equipment suppliers— Technosystems of Hialeah, FL—sent us a few Da-Cappo mics and suggested we give them a try. Both the singers and the technicians were so impressed with the mics; they refused to return them and wanted to keep them onboard. In addition to their performance attributes, the Da-Cappo mics came in at a much lower price point than the microphones we’d been using. Given the current economy and the amount of equipment we purchase in a given year, any opportunity to reduce costs while maintaining the quality of the performances is something we’re always striving for. In this particular instance, it was a win-win situation for all involved.�

Riley commented on several performance attributes of the Da-Cappo microphones that, he believes, make them a great choice for use onboard the company’s cruise liners. “There are several factors we consider when selecting microphones for our singers,� said Riley. “The sound quality must be outstanding, they must be lightweight and comfortable, the microphones and cabling must be sturdy enough that they will take the abuse of being used for upwards of fifteen shows and rehearsals per week, and they must last for at least several months without needing to be replaced. We also liked the Da-Cappos because they withstand moisture and perspiration very well, which is always a big concern for us.�

Not only are the Da-Cappo DA07 Micro-Microphones meeting Royal Caribbean’s expectations, they’re actually being exceeded. As a result, the company has now placed orders for additional units. “The ships that have switched to the Da-Cappo microphones have been happy,� notes Riley. “We’ve been very pleased by the fact that we don’t need to specify a ‘left’ or ‘right’ style microphone as we must do with some other manufacturers, since the Da-Cappo DA07 will work for either side. Similarly, when we requested our mics be terminated with a T4AF connector for the Shure UR1 bodypack transmitters we use onboard—rather than supplying a standard microphone and adaptor—Da-Cappo was able to accommodate us.�

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