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NEW YORK – The Solid State Logic AWS 900+ Analogue Workstation System continues to make its presence known throughout the industry. AWS systems are on the cutting edge of a wide variety of locations including high-end recording studios, major educational facilities and radio production. Designed to be the analogue heart of a workstation-based studio, the AWS 900+ delivers SSL’s legendary SuperAnalogue™ sound and dynamics processing with integrated DAW control.

“When we look at the wide range of studios that now employ AWS 900+, we are very proud to have made such an impact on the industry,� says Phil Wagner, President of SSL, Inc. “With a constantly expanding user base, we believe the AWS 900+ will have continued success bridging the gap between the traditional analogue recording studio and the computer based-workstation studio.�

Trent Reznor the principal talent behind the American Industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails has added an AWS 900+ to his personal studio where a new album was completed for the influential artist. Reznor also uses two Solid State Logic XLogic X-Rack systems.

Harris Institute of Toronto, Canada: The Harris Institute of Toronto has installed an AWS 900+ console and accompanying XLogic X-Rack system for Control Room A. This studio is part of the institute’s Multiple Access Recording Soundworks (MARS) integrated studio complex with three designated control rooms for music recording, audio post and electronic music; labs for Pro Tools®, MIDI, Logic Audio, electronics and a variety of isolation spaces.

Loyola University, New Orleans: Loyola University installed an AWS 900+ for their advanced recording studio designed to produce professional quality recordings of individuals or ensembles. The studio is part of the larger $13 million Communications/Music Complex that exemplifies the university’s commitment to music and music industry education. The AWS 900+ studio is housed in a 115,000-square-foot, four-story building with state-of-the-art facilities for music and communications.

The Solar Plastic Power Plant, Los Angeles: Chart topping star Jack Johnson remodeled an old L.A. mansion to house a recording studio and offices for his record label, Brushfire Records. The console of choice used on his latest album is an AWS 900, giving the recordings the sonic finesse of SSL’s SuperAnalogue sound with complete control of his Pro Tools® system.

WBEZ, Chicago: Marking the first use by a radio station to produce shows for national distribution, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio has installed an AWS 900+ to streamline production and benefit from the SuperAnalogue sound quality. Chicago Public Radio is affiliated with both National Public Radio and Public Radio International. They are best known nationally as the producers of “This American Lifeâ€? through Public Radio International, and “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!â€? through NPR.

Ryerson University, Toronto: Ryerson University in Toronto offers an AWS 900+-based studio as part of extensive degree programs in music, broadcast TV, radio, filmmaking and new media. The AWS 900+ continues Ryerson’s tradition of providing top quality equipment for the educational environment.

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