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Console Helps Fulfill Creative Mission for Studio

HOOGSTRATEN, BELGIUM – When composer/producer Jef Martens (aka Basto) went looking for the ultimate upgrade for The Blue Room, his private studio in Belgium, Solid State Logic’s AWS 948 was the console of choice. For Martens, there was no other console in the world that combined AWS’ small form factor with superior sound, channel flexibility, DAW control integration and smart Total Recall™ system. With Martens’ projects focusing on producing dance and pop tracks, the AWS 948 gives him improved stereo separation and depth for his mixes.

“The mission for The Blue Room was to create the perfect environment for realizing my musical ideas from start to finish,� says Martens. “The AWS 948 helps me fulfill that goal by providing an advanced hybrid console that delivers great sound, functionality and excellent control for my Logic 9 system. It also lets me work more quickly without the technical limitations experienced with in the box recording and mixing.�

Basto is well known in the world of pop and dance as witness the success of his latest single, Gregory’s Theme, that became a favorite with top DJs Pete Tong and Tiësto, as well as attaining number one in the UK Upfront Dance Chart and placing in the Top 10 Sales and Airplay Chart in Belgium and The Netherlands. The first productions using the SSL were a Basto remix of dance hit maker Moby’s upcoming single The Day and a remix for a new Kylie Minogue track. For these projects, the AWS 948 was able to provide better sound and functionality over the previous system.

“Mixing outside the box with the AWS has definitely improved the stereo separation, depth and clarity of my mixes, as this is still the weak point of DAW mixing,� states Martens. “I own a well-known, transformer-based summing mixer, but in today’s bass-heavy dance and pop music, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a clear focused bottom end on those designs. The SuperAnalogue™ sound of the SSL handles this very important frequency range superbly.�

The studio employs two SSL Alpha-Link units for exceptionally clean 48-channel A/D-D/A conversion hooked up to a MadiXtreme 128, and, according to Martens, the system works flawlessly at an unbeatable price point. The facility also uses an XLogic X-Rack with 4000 series EQ and dynamics modules to add a bit of gritty flavor to snare, toms and other percussion, when needed.

“I like having 24-stereo or 48-mono channels at my disposal and, by integrating all my studio equipment into the console, I now have more creative choices at a faster pace, especially using the Total Recall system,� Martens explains. “The EQs on the AWS are simply great. I find it much more intuitive to be able to grab and turn a knob over having to navigate a mouse to open a plug-in window or try to set a level. Beyond delivering a great sound, the AWS 948’s power consumption is very low, making it an excellent green choice and the size is perfect for my control room.�

“For Jef Martens’ new facility, it was time for him to move into a real analogue console,� says Raf Lenssens of Joystick Audio, the SSL Benelux Distributor. “He wanted to do complex mixes with the best possible sound and maximum flexibility in DAW control, so the SSL AWS 948 was the only choice.�

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