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Solid State Logic DUALITY and AWS 900+ SE Console installations Continue to grow

Placements in Major Studios and Private Facilities Reach all Areas of Industry 

NEW YORK — Solid State Logic is pleased to announce that studio installations continue to grow for both the flagship Duality console and the industry defining AWS 900+ SE console. Despite the difficult economic conditions over the past year, major recording facilities and private studios alike look to SSL analogue consoles to deliver the sound quality and DAW control necessary to succeed in today’s recording environment.  

“There is a continuing realization on the part of the industry on all levels that in order to create good sounding recordings, one must start with the best sounding tools,� says Piers Plaskitt, CEO of SSL, Inc. “Since inception, SSL analogue consoles have consistently defined the sound of the high end of the market. With the advent of the AWS 900+ SE and the new Duality SE, this tradition continues, as console placements grow in facilities large and small.� Duality Placements:The Duality has seen great success in commercial recording studios over the past year and the release of Duality SE promises to provide the industry with cutting edge capabilities. Console placements in Odds On Recording, LA Sound Gallery, The Mix Group, Digital Services Recording Studio, Great City Productions and Tierra Studios join Germano Studios NY, Patchwerk Recording Studios, Phase One Studios, Studio Piccolo, Vanquish Recording Studio and Caveman Productions to round out a highly successful year.  “Duality is actually the best of both worlds –– you can drive the console really hard and get a nice warm fuzzy sound out of it [using the Variable Harmonic Drive circuitry], or you can get super clean audio as well,� says Kevin Shirley of Caveman Productions.

“I’ve got to say it’s the best console I’ve ever used.� “First and foremost, the Duality gives us the SSL sound,� states Robert Ferrari, studio manager for Odds On Recording. “We purchased the Duality based on our great experience with the XL 9000 K. The industry knows what the SSL sound is and how great it is – why would we go backwards by using a different console?� 

AWS 900+ SE Placements:The original AWS 900 turned the industry upside down and the AWS 900+ SE is carrying on that tradition with a Who’s Who list of placements in private facilities as well as smaller facilities over the past year. Rascal Flatts band members Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney each have a private studio featuring an AWS 900+ SE. Tricky Stewart’sTriangle Sound Studios is soon to boast three AWS 900+ SE consoles. Superstar Christina Aguilera’s private facility sports an AWS 900+ SE, while Grammy Award winning engineer/mixer/producer Rafa Sardina has recently installed his second AWS. This stellar list of placements is joined by smaller studios installations including Peter Moshay’s A-Pawling Studios (working with Hall and Oats), Chip Matthews’ The Tin Ear (working with  Richard Marx), film composer Serge Colbert and Bassist Justin Chancellor, to name a few. 

“I highly recommended the SSL AWS 900+ to Jay and Joe Don because of the flexible power and incredible sound of the console,� says Carl Tatz, owner of Carl Tatz Design. “While the AWS has a small footprint, all the sonic quality and functionality of an SSL console is immediately apparent from the minute you start a session. The AWS is a very real console.� 

“From a producer standpoint, the AWS gives me that rich sound that you associate with SSL at a very reasonable price point,� says Tricky Stewart, owner of Triangle Sound Studios. “Just the name Solid State Logic immediately legitimizes your studio. You can’t put a dollar value on what that does because now you’re working with the standard and all artists recognize this.�  

“I had used the AWS 900+ at another studio and so I was very familiar with its capabilities,� says recording and mix engineer Oscar Ramirez for Christina Aguilera’s private facility. “For the mission of the studio, the AWS was the best choice because it is a real console that gives us that great SSL sound. When you are dealing with top level talent and producers, you really need to deliver and the AWS delivers.� 

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit: