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Duality Used for Teaching Traditional Analogue Recording Techniques with DAW Capture and Control

LEIPZIG, GERMANY – The Media Centre, a part of the Faculty of Media at HTWK Leipzig (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences), has installed a 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality console in its CampusStudios. Degree programs involve the integration of general media literacy all under one roof, offering a convergence of applied class work in the print media, publishing, film, television/radio, music production and new media disciplines. Duality allows the university to teach traditional, high-level analogue recording and routing techniques with DAW capture and control.

“We have taken great care to make sure our course work covers both traditional and new media production methods,� says Christian Birkner, CTO of the CampusStudios, HTWK Leipzig. “For our audio program, we needed a console that would supply the very best learning experience. Duality is a professional tool that our students will see in the field, giving them the understanding of an analogue signal path and routing, while controlling DAWs like Pro Tools®, Logic and Nuendo. Duality builds a strong foundation for a traditional workflow, while addressing the needs of a virtual workflow.�

Another consideration for the Duality purchase was longevity in both physical build quality and operational relevance. As HTWK Leipzig is government funded, buying a piece of equipment mandates a nearly two-year procurement process. Duality met all requirements making it a future-proof investment.

“Going with a dedicated controller was not an option for us, so we needed a console that would work well with any DAW platform,� Birkner explains. “Because a controller is usually associated with one software package, the lifetime of that controller is fully dependent on the design philosophy of the DAW. If the software changes, the controller becomes obsolete. Duality’s integrated DAW control is the best we have seen, is updatable to stay current and can address any of the software platforms we offer. We also wanted an analogue console that will sound and work the same 20 years from now as it does today. We believe Duality can accomplish this requirement.�

Because a Technology degree from HTWK is a unique mix of training in a wide range of disciplines, having Duality as the center of the music recording program is an essential element because of its traditional workflow. Students learn about the creation of fine sounding audio and understand the reason why things sound good. This is valuable because it appeals to both the student interested in audio as a career and the student interested in film production or print media.

“Our degree requirements are very innovative and deliver graduates that fully understand all aspects of media production,� Birkner continues. “For example, we have students who are interested in audio, but get experience with traditional printing, film production and new media. Our audio graduate now understands that producing a music project also involves shooting a music video, creating a CD with insert and creating versions of the project compatible with Web distribution. Duality fits our educational model perfectly as it delivers a superior learning experience for our students regardless of what media format they are working in.�

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