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NEW YORK – Solid State Logic’s Duality SuperAnalogue™ console has set the standard for large format console design by combining SSL’s signature analogue sound and signal path with sophisticated workstation control. SSL has sold 80 Duality consoles worldwide. Duality’s unique hybrid design is making it the console of choice for major recording studios and educational facilities seeking the purity of SSL’s renowned sonics and proven DAW control capabilities.

Kenneth “Babyfaceâ€? Edmonds’ Brandon’s Way Studios, a production studio in Hollywood, features two SSL rooms. A Duality 48 console in Studio B is the facility’s latest addition, joining an SL 9096 J Series in Studio A. The Duality is providing the streamlined interface between the console and workstation environment.

Phase One Studios, Toronto, primarily focuses on high-end music production with a long standing roster of clients and gold records. Their new Duality replaces an SSL 4072G Series console, bringing Phase One’s Studio C into the future.

Britt Myers’ Great City Productions, New York City, handles post work with Comedy Central, Cartoon Network and MTV and MTV2, as well as music production. The 48-channel Duality is slated for delivery this summer. The Duality was chosen for its superior sonics and workstation control.

Odds On Recording, Las Vegas, is expanding its facilities and building a new large tracking room around a Duality 48. This studio also sports an SSL 9080 K Series console installed several years ago. The new studio is being designed by Carl Yanchar.

MSRP Studios, Los Angeles, owned by producer, performer and engineer Matt Salazar and a member of the band Analog Sway, has a new facility to be centered around a Duality 72. The Duality will be used for recording and mixing of several film projects currently underway by Salazar. Salazar has partnered with Media Concepts in Burbank and the Duality is installed in the famed Evergreen Scoring State.

Servando Cano’s Serca Publishing, Monterrey, Mexico, is installing their Duality 48 for the recording requirements in this location of Mexico’s bustling music scene and Serca’s ongoing publishing work.

The education market, traditionally strong for SSL, has seen a significant increase of Duality installations. Students who use SSL consoles in an educational environment are prepared for what they will encounter in the real world. Duality’s hybrid design offers student the ability to learn about the importance of analog audio, signal routing while operating in a workstation environment with control directly from the console.

A Duality 48 is now the centerpiece of the audio program at Humber College in Toronto. The college offers certificate and degree programs in contemporary music production, broadcast television, radio, film and television production.

Southwestern College, San Diego, California, offers a new studio designed by Carl Yanchar and features a Duality 48 to support degree programs in commercial music. The College chose Duality based on SSL’s reputation for support, great sound and workstation control.

Art Institute of Nashville’s studio, designed by Walter Storyk, has been up and running since April. A 48 channel Duality console will provide students with high-level production training for degree programs in media arts. This school offers programs focusing on multimedia, Web, software, film, video, and A/V presentations for jobs in studios involved with recording, editing, and broadcast audio.

Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri, offers degree programs in media production. The Duality 48 will re-define Webster’s modern educational paradigm for audio production. The university graduates audio professionals in music recording, film sound, audio for video, radio/television broadcasting, theatrical sound design, sound reinforcement, audio facility management and audio for computer applications.

Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA, installed a Duality 48 in June, replacing their SSL 4000 G+ console in the Ruebush Hall Recording Studio. The Duality will interface with a Pro Toolsâ„¢ 24 DAW. The university offers a Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music degree upon completion of the four-year program. The curriculum emphasizes three broad areas: recording, composition of commercial music and applied music.
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