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Songs To Your Eyes Hits 20,000 Cues Milestone: Company Enjoys Steady Growth in Declining Music Business

Woodland Hills, CA, January 5, 2010– Renowned music library company Songs To Your Eyes, Ltd., has hit the impressive 20,000 cues milestone. Opher Yisraeli, the company’s founder, made the announcement.

Additionally, Yisraeli has announced that Songs To Your Eyes has increased overall company sales by an additional 45% during 2009. As such, the company continues to find steady growth in today’s declining music business.

Recent Songs To Your Eyes TV series/TV promo music placements include “Californication� (Showtime), “Burn Notice� (USA Networks), “Eastwick� (ABC), “Disney File� (Disney Channel), “Mr. Troop Mom� (Nickelodeon), “Handy Manny� (Disney Channel), and “Ninja Destiny 2� Videogame Trailer (Nintendo DS).

Regarding his company’s expansive and steady growth, Mr. Yisraeli said, “Without question, our company stands at the forefront of the pack of young music licensing and music library companies that exist today. We specialize

in spotting ‘voids’ that exist within the entertainment, advertising, media and broadcast industry marketplaces, and then quickly conceive, produce and find unique, quality musical solutions to fill those voids. This ability has truly set us apart from our competitors, in a relatively short period of time.�

He adds, “Today, our library stands at 20,000 cues, an impressive number for any young company, and we’ve been increasing our sales by 45% each year, for the past three straight years. We are fortunate enough to enjoy, on a regular basis, high profile licenses with such industry leaders as Warner Bros., Disney, Lions Gate, Showtime, ABC, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Subaru, Audi, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Television, and many others.�

Yisraeli concludes, “Ours is the fastest growing catalogue in the industry, with over 50 new CD releases per year. In addition, we enjoy an especially strong, international presence, with sub-publishers based in over 40 countries. Our specialty music catalogues, such as our authentic Latin, Middle Eastern, Balkan, Greek, and Sound Design Collections, offer clients music that is extremely hard to find within any other music library company that is currently competing against us.�


Founded by Opher Yisraeli in 2004, Songs To Your Eyes, Ltd., specializes in Music Licensing, Sound Design, and Custom Score. The company offers a deep and diverse music catalogue, showcasing bands, indie labels, composers, orchestras, song writers, music producers, and sound designers from around the globe. The company’s clients include the world’s leading creators and producers of television shows, motion picture advertising, films, advertising campaigns, videogames and multimedia presentations.

The various catalogs offered by Songs To Your Eyes, Ltd., are vast and varied, with tens of thousands of compositions that can be previewed online. As a “one-stop-shop,� the company ensures an easy licensing process. Music from the company’s catalog has been featured in productions worldwide, with placements including those within projects on behalf of such major clients as Sony Pictures, Lions Gate, Twentieth Century Fox, FX, Fox Sports, Discovery Channel, HGTV, ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, CMT Network, and E! Entertainment Television, among others. Recently, the company launched a Latin Music Division and its related “Caliente Music� catalogue.

Songs To Your Eyes, Ltd., is a rapidly growing music library, representing the work of over 250 composers, producers and recording artists. The company, which releases an estimated 50-60 new titles per year, also provides a range of services that include an exclusive music catalogue for licensing, advanced music search capabilities, consulting, and custom scoring services, to ensure that its clients find the right piece of music for their productions. Songs To Your Eyes, Ltd., is one of the fastest growing music companies in the world.

Songs To Your Eyes, Ltd., contact information is phone: (323) 988-9725, Email: [email protected] and Web: