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Sonic Studio Releases Version 3.0 of PreMaster CD

Premastering Trend Setter Hits Its Stride

Marin County, CA – May 17, 2008 — Sonic Studio, LLC, the leader in ultra–fidelity production tools for audio engineers, announced the release of a completely new version of their low cost premastering application, PreMaster CD™. The 3.0 release provides native support for both Intel and PowerPC hosts.

With essential, high end features that Sonic Studio is known for, PreMaster CD provides key premastering functionality not found in most digital audio workstations. In addition, available options allow savvy engineers to customize the application’s already strong collection of functions based on client need. This new, Universal Binary release consolidates all the maintenance changes incorporated into the code base while improving both ease of use, speed and stability on all Intel and PowerPC Macs.

PreMaster CD opens up a portable treasure chest of expert premastering features, including completely manual, automatic and semi–automatic PQ generation. Sonic Studio’s exclusive Smart Fade Tool and background CD writing, along with easy drag and drop resequencing makes quick work of CD refs. The new version, which includes enhanced dither choices, adds iZotope’s proprietary MBIT+™ redithering algorithm to Sonic Studio’s spectrally shaped TPDF redithering. Both choices are psychoacoustically–optimized redithering schemes, each with a different sonic “color,� so you can match your redithering choice to your material.

With a feature set that’s unique for its price, PreMaster CD 3.0 enters distribution in June, with a starting price of US$495. Available on the web at, PreMaster CD is also sold through Sonic Studio’s international network of pro audio distributors and channel partners. For more information, a demo copy or, to arrange a full trial run in your own studio, visit

About Sonic StudioSonic Studio is the premier manufacturer of ultra–fidelity DSD post and PCM content creation systems. Sonic Studio’s Emmy award–winning NoNOISE II suite is the leading audio restoration toolset for archivists, record labels, videographers and forensic engineers while their product lines for Red and Scarlet Book premastering define the state of the art. Sonic Studio’s digital audio workstations and software are in use at major studios, record labels, broadcast and post production facilities worldwide. Based in Marin County, California, Sonic Studio has an international network of distributors and channel partners who share their commitment to quality and service.

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