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SonicPool is “Golden” With Audio Work on Hottest VideoGame Trailers & “Golden Compass”

Hollywood, CA, Dec. 14, 2007 – SonicPool, one of Hollywood‘s leading post facilities, specializing in audio and video finishing, edit suite rentals, and full post-production services, has been hired to provide Mixing and Sweetening for a number of the hottest videogame trailers in the industry. The announcement was made by John Frost and Patrick Bird, co-founders, SonicPool.

Additionally, on behalf of Sega and Sweet Spot Productions, SonicPool just completed the mix and HD online for TV spots and theatrical trailers promoting Sega‘s “The Golden Compass” videogame. Said Don Scotti and Joe Takats, co-owners of Sweet Spot Productions, “The team at SonicPool are very good sound designers and mixers–a terrific team to work with. Jason Yanuzzi at SonicPool is also great at performing high def and color correction work for us. In addition, SonicPool‘s physical and technological infrastructure is designed in a highly convenient manner for us, allowing us easy access to their excellent resources and skilled personnel.”

SonicPool‘s other latest video game trailer projects were audio mixes on behalf of Activision, Bethesda Software, Buena Vista Games, Electronic Arts, Namco, Sega, Sony Computer Entertainment, THQ and Warner Bros. Interactive. These new trailers are to promote the following games: “”Guitar Hero 3,” “God of War,” “Stargate Worlds,” “Ratchet & Clank,” “Secret Agent Clank,” “Prince Caspian,” “Proton,” “Turok,” “Call of Duty 4,” “Virtua Fighter 5,” “Spider Man: Friend or Foe,” “Golden Compass,” “Tony Hawk” and “Mercenaries.”

Additionally, SonicPool also provided online services for the trailer– and audio mixing for the TV commercial– promoting the videogame “Virtua Fighter 5.”


Launched in Hollywood in 2001, SonicPool was co-founded by post production specialists John Frost and Patrick Bird. Each of the men currently serves the company as a President and CEO.

SonicPool is comprised of 14 offline and online edit suites, an HD Online/Color Suite ((complete with a Sony SRW 5500, a true 4:4:4 resolution HD deck and Panasonic D5 HD decks,) and four mixing bays. The company‘s post production sevices include Audio and Video Finishing, edit suite rentals, and media duplication. SonicPool‘s creative services include radio production. Additionally, the company offers its clients production office space rentals.

SonicPool‘s clients run the full gamut of the entertainment and broadcasting industries, which clients ranging from major studio releases, independent feature films, TV programs, and radio, to DVD menu sound design, TV commercials, gaming, mobile and Internet projects.

SonicPool is located at 6860 Lexington Ave, Hollywood, CA, 90038.

The phone is 323/460-4MIX, and the web address is: