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Complete Seven Plug-In Product Line Packaged At Special 40% Discount

OXFORD, UK. July 7th 2008 – To provide the most cost-effective way for discerning audio professionals to own all the Oxford plug-ins, Sonnox has introduced ‘Sonnox ELITE,’ the ultimate collection of the entire product line.

The elegant new boxed set includes the full range of all seven Oxford plug-ins: EQ, Dynamics, Inflator, Transient Modulator, Reverb, Limiter and SuprEsser. Offered at a substantial 40% discount from individual unit prices, Sonnox ELITE will arm mixing, mastering, post and broadcast engineers with an arsenal of sophisticated processing tools designed to meet all their requirements. Sonnox Elite retails at $3,060 for the TDM version and $1,467 for Native.

In announcing the new bundle, Sonnox Sales & Marketing Manager Nathan Eames remarked, “While we will continue to offer custom bundle options, which enable customers to literally pick’n’mix their own plug-in bundles, Sonnox ELITE is aimed at those who want the all our plug-ins at the best possible price.�

In addition to Sonnox ELITE, two attractively priced alternatives are also available.

Sonnox Essential: Combines the Oxford EQ, Dynamics, Reverb and SuprEsser plug-ins to provide definitive control of all mixing processes. Offered at a 30% discount from individual unit prices, Sonnox Essential retails at $2,408 (TDM) and $1,127 (Native).

Sonnox Enhance: This collection of Oxford Inflator, Limiter and Transient Modulator plug-ins offers the ultimate option for increasing loudness, presence and punch. These three simple-to-use but extremely powerful plug-ins will dramatically enhance virtually any mix. Sonnox Enhance retails at $1,245 (TDM) and $627 (Native).

“We have looked carefully at what people want,� concluded Eames. “Feedback proves there is a definite trend towards an all-in-one bundle that represents the best value for money – hence Sonnox ELITE.�


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