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PARK RIDGE, N.J., April 17, 2009 – Sony Electronics is introducing two programs to assist customers in making the transition to the new approved channel range for wireless microphone operation.

“FCC regulations for the use of wireless microphones have changed due to the upcoming DTV transition,” said Paul Foschino, senior marketing manager for professional audio at Sony Electronics. “Sony has discontinued its previous range of WL-800 and UWP Series of wireless microphone models operating on previously dedicated UHF-TV channels (62 – 69). These original units may be replaced with new Sony models operating on UHF-TV channels now authorized by the FCC for wireless transmission Sony has created two programs for end users to help ease this transition.”

The options for customers are as follows:

Owners can take advantage of an End User Mail-in Cash Rebate on all Sony wireless models. No trade-in is required, and customers may purchase a new system and submit rebate forms on-line. Rebates range from $40.00 up to $200. Complete terms and conditions can be found at

End users of Sony 800 Series wireless components who wish to modify their units may take advantage of a Subsidized Service Program to subsidize a portion of the modification costs.

Sony customers with WL-800 Series “B” suffix models who wish to modify their existing channels 62/64 or channels 66/68 wireless systems to operate on alternative channels 30/32 or channels 42/44 may contact Sony Service in Teaneck N.J. (201-833-5300) to inquire about prices for specific model modifications. Sony customers with UWP Series systems operating on channels 62/64 or channels 66/68 should consider replacing their wireless systems with new UWP systems that operate in channels 30/32 or channels 42/44.

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