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Cincinnati, OH – September 2009… While it’s not uncommon to re-vitalize a sound reinforcement system that has become outdated or is under capacity due to a growing congregation’s size, it becomes a hard-learned lesson in the importance of choosing the “right tool for the job� when the system in question needs to be replaced because the equipment and the installation weren’t handled properly. Such was the case at Cincinnati’s Inspirational Baptist Church. After completing their new sanctuary in February 2009, church officials found themselves at the mercy of a sound system that impeded their services. Determined to rectify the situation, the church determined the only solution was to start over. Their new sound system—a TrueLine line array setup from Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio Technologies—is exactly what they hoped for.

Nicholasville, KY-headquartered Pro Sound & Lights, a design/build firm that handles system integration of audio,

video, and lighting with a focus on the House of Worship and education markets, was contracted to handle the sound system overhaul. Richard Jones, president and CEO for the company, discussed the challenges of the project.

“Inspirational Baptist Church is a vibrant organization with a contemporary, upbeat, musically progressive worship style,� explained Jones. “Services routinely include a sizeable praise band, a praise vocalist group upwards of about eight people, and a 30-voice choir. Music plays a vital role in the church’s worship services. As we observed the original sound system, we discovered a situation where the loudspeakers were poorly placed and the installation, in general, failed to address the nature of the services it was intended for. The result was inconsistent sound quality throughout the sanctuary, with numerous dead spots. Because of this, music reproduction lacked the impact church management envisioned and speech intelligibility suffered significantly—all of which undermined their services.�

The sanctuary is configured so that the stage/altar area faces into the width of the room, which is roughly 140 feet wide and 90 feet deep. “While horizontal throw is always important,� says Jones, “this particular arrangement required the new sound system to have broad horizontal coverage, solid music reproduction capabilities, in addition to a high level of clarity for speech. Ultimately, we determined that a compact line array system would make the best choice for this space.�

The system specified by the Pro Sound & Lights team consists of fourteen WorxAudio TrueLine V8i line array elements plus two V8iDF downfill modules. The system is flown in a left-right stereo configuration over the front edges of the stage/altar area, with seven TrueLine V8i modules and a single V8iDF downfill element per side. The WorxAudio TrueLine V8i line array is an ultra-compact, two-way, high efficiency, installation line array loudspeaker. The V8iDF compliments the standard V8i with its ability to provide expanded vertical dispersion—making it an excellent choice for front fill applications. Power for the WorxAudio line array system is provided by Lab Gruppen C Series multichannel amplifiers. A pair of Renkus-Heinz subwoofers from the original installation provides low frequency support.

“The WorxAudio TrueLine system makes a tremendous difference in this room,� says Jones. “In addition to the vastly improved sound quality, the rigging hardware is first rate and is designed in such a way to barely be noticeable. The end result is a sound system with even, consistent coverage and a clean, uncluttered appearance that never distracts from the activities taking place up front. The fact that WorxAudio offers a downfill element is another big plus, as this module effectively eliminated the need for any front fill speakers across the front of the stage.�

Inspirational Baptist Church’s new sound reinforcement system was completed in July and has already made a huge impression on all who encounter it. “The church has been extremely pleased with the new WorxAudio system,� states Jones. “The new system is extremely musical and has a presence the original setup never had. Similarly, speech is extremely clear and easy to understand. No matter where one is seated, the sound quality is excellent and coverage throughout the entire room is remarkably consistent.�

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