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SourceAudio Clients “Detect” Dramatic Advantages in New Watermarking Technology

Detect has been Adopted by Top Production Music Companies, Publishers and Broadcasters

Los Angeles, CA, June 13, 2016 – Having launched just over three months ago, SourceAudio’s unique “Detect” product has begun revolutionizing the way music in audiovisual productions is being tracked and reported for rights owners and their collection agencies. The monitoring platform, developed by the Los Angeles based technology provider SourceAudio, uses Digimarc’s patented, state of the art watermarking technology to decode an indelible, inaudible code hidden within a music file.

Unlike preceding fingerprinting-based monitoring solutions, SourceAudio Detect eliminates false-positive detections, thereby ensuring 100% accuracy on detected usage.

In just a few months time, the new Detect solution has quickly been adopted, and is already widely in use by many of the country’s top production music companies, music publishers, and broadcasters in need of tracking the usage of their music assets. To date, nearly 200,000 Detects have been recorded on behalf of SourceAudio’s various clients, with precipitous increases in monthly activity as more and more watermarked assets are being downloaded from SourceAudio’s cloud-based delivery platform.

From heavyweight production music libraries like Megatrax Music and 5 Alarm Music, to boutique trailer music companies like Pitch Hammer Music, publishers and labels across the spectrum of the entertainment industry have instantly begun to enjoy the advantages of the new Detect system. 

Regarding Detect, Ron Mendelsohn, President/CEO, Megatrax Music, said, “We recently started using SourceAudio Detect and look forward to continuing to use this new technology to help us better understand where and how our music is being used. The fact that the system provides the type and context of the usage is a great step forward over earlier technologies.”

Adds Cassie Lord, President of 5 Alarm Music, says, “With SourceAudio Detect, there are no ifs, ands, or buts about what’s detected. Unlike other solutions, if it’s reported to us by Detect, then we know it’s right!  This is paramount when verifying license compliance and royalty payments.” 

Brian Brasher, President & Co-Founder, Pitch Hammer Music, says, “The first quarter of 2016 is barely over, and by incorporating Detect into our pipeline, we’ve already been able to download and submit complete performance logs for several movie trailers and network promos using our music. SourceAudio Detect has simplified and virtually automated what heretofore had been a really complicated process in getting paid for the use of our tracks on these performances.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the interest and adoption by many top industry players of this game-changing solution,” said Hunter Williams, SourceAudio’s EVP, Intellectual Property and Business Development.  “We developed Detect with all stakeholders in the music licensing supply chain in mind, including publishers, broadcasters and Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) like ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.  That means our focus in the creation of Detect was always to ensure accurate and intuitive data that works within today’s performance reporting framework – instead of competing or conflicting with that pre-existing framework.”


SourceAudio Detect currently monitors 80 of the most watched broadcast and cable networks on TV. The system automatically determines if music detected on these channels was heard as background music in a show, or if that music was used in a commercial, promo or movie trailer. The data is organized accordingly in an intuitive dashboard that allows users to easily export their performances in PRO approved report formats. For more information and pricing, visit


Based in Los Angeles, CA, SourceAudio is a white label, B2B music technology platform for publishers, labels, broadcasters, production companies and creative agencies. Iconic brands across the media landscape leverage SourceAudio’s industry leading music search, distribution, licensing, monitoring and management capabilities to generate revenue, enhance creative, and maximize efficiencies. SourceAudio’s network-based approach for buyer, publisher and sub- publisher connectivity in one cloud-based ecosystem is currently revolutionizing the music-for-commercial media supply chain.

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SourceAudio Company Contact:
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EVP/IP & Business Development


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