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Speaker Lineup For Audio Branding Congress 2011 Announced

NEW YORK, NY — TheAudio Branding Academy has announced its speaker lineup for the Audio Branding Congress taking place November 17, 2011 at Columbia University. With the theme “Stay Connected, Sound Global,” the 2011 Congress will focus on audio branding innovation in the world of mobile media, content and app development.

Keynote speaker for the Congress will be Martyn Ware, well known as a founding member of seminal bands The Human League and Heaven 17. Ware is currently Head of Sonic Experience and Co-founder of sound branding agency Sonic ID, London and Portland, OR. “Audio branding is now a global conversation and this is the place where the future of the industry is being decided,” says Ware.

Mark Koelfgen, Executive Creative Director at advertising agency McGarryBowen, New York and Chicago; his colleague Jerry Krenach, Director of

Music at McGarryBowen; and Stephen Dewey, Principal of audio company Machine Head, Santa Monica, CA, will present an insiders view of their branding campaign for Verizon’s Droid phone.

Tapio Hakanen, Sound Design Manager at Nokia, will discuss the future of mobile technology as it relates to audio branding. Hakanen has been responsible for the creation of Nokia’s audio brand assets and delivery of sounds to over one billion Nokia devices.

Also speaking at the event will be Russ Jones, Creative Director of UK-based sonic branding firm Condiment Junkie. Jones and his team are well-known for innovative design of audio user interfaces for bestselling mobile apps.

Following the announcement of the first Audio Branding Award, the Audio Branding Academy has also announced the independent jury that will select six case studies to be presented at the 2011 Congress. Jury members will be: Craig Stout, Senior Creative Director at Interbrand; Charles Deenen, Senior Creative Director – Audio at Electronic Arts; John Groves, founder of Groves Sound Communications; Dag Piper, Head of Sensory & Communication Science at Mars; Joel Beckerman, founder of Man Made Music; Walter Werzowa, founder of Musikvergnuegen and composer of the Intel audio logo; and Martin Pazzani, former Chairman and CEO of Elias Arts.

The Audio Branding Academy also recognizes its most recent sponsor, Man Made Music, Corporate Benefactors of the 2011 Audio Branding Congress.

The 2011 Audio Branding Congress takes place Thursday, November 17, 2011, at Columbia Faculty House at Columbia University in Manhattan, hosted by audio branding company Expansion Team.

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