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SSL AWS The Natural Selection For Unique ‘AudioArena’ Studio Located In A Football Stadium

“We consider SSL a true icon of the global audio market”

SÃO PAULO – As the first high-end, commercial recording studio built in one of the largest football stadiums in the world, the Morumbi in Brazil, AudioArena offers the space, incredible view of the playing field and the sound quality necessary to attract the biggest recording groups and corporate events. At the center of the audio setup within this innovative facility is a Solid State Logic AWS Hybrid Console/Controller, supplied by Music Company, which brings the world-class sound and operational capabilities of SSL to this unique venue.

Along with offering a collection of the industry’s best analogue and digital gear, the studio, created by renowned studio designer Carlos Duttweller of ProStudios Design, also doubles as an exclusive, catered 132-person viewing box during São Paulo Futebol Clube (SPFC) football games. This unique combination has already started to attract the attention of some of the country’s top artists and broadcasters. “We literally just opened the doors when we were chosen to record the soundtrack for the latest drama series on TV Globo, Dual Identity, with the Brazilian metal band Sepultura, a group that has sold over 30 million records world-wide over the years,” says Luiz Fernando Vieira, co-owner of AudioArena with Daniel Chalfon. “Both the band and TV Globo were thrilled with the results.” The TV Globo production was created by producer/composer/musician Andreas Kisser, along with the AudioArena team of Fernando Quesada, Conrado Ruther and Luiz Fernando Vieira.

According to Vieira, innovation was the word that inspired the idea behind AudioArena, in an effort to bring together two of the greatest passions of mankind: music and football. “The SSL AWS 948 is a key part of this story’s beginning,” Vieira continues. “Whether the studio sessions are for an international release, to record a live concert in the stadium or to supply the audio backbone for a corporate event, we know the AWS will deliver. We consider SSL a true icon of the global audio market and would not work with anything less than a console from Solid State Logic.”

AudioArena boasts a who’s who of enviable outboard gear, used to cater to any musical taste. The AWS 948, however, brings it all together. “We chose AWS for two reasons: the first is the absolute quality of SSL products,” states Vieira. “The level of sound quality that SSL reaches really makes a difference in the final mix of any studio. The second was an enlightening experience we previously had with an SSL Matrix console/controller combined with SSL’s XLogic SuperAnalogue™ X-Racks. We were very happy with the resulting recordings, so moving into the more integrated AWS platform made sense for AudioArena.”

With the intent of becoming one of the best studios in Brazil, the AWS presents the power and flexibility for AudioArena to handle any production situation. “We can say that the AWS easily assumed that vital center position in AudioArena’s equipment universe,” Vieira relates. “It is the absolute heart of our studio/venue. We worked with Carlos Duttweller to create the very highest level acoustics and integrate the very best support electronics. The AWS completely covers our needs and the results are simply state-of-the-art, unique and amazing!”

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