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Miami, FL – October 2009… D.A.S. Audio, a leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems, power amplification, and related audio processing equipment designed for professional touring and installed sound applications, is pleased to announce that Azusa, CA-based On-Stage Rentals Inc. recently took delivery of a combination of D.A.S. Audio Aero 38A line array elements and Compact 218 Sub 2K subwoofers. The transaction dramatically expands On Stage Rentals’ D.A.S. equipment inventory and enables the company to better address a variety of projects. 

On-Stage Rentals, which provides audio and backline services for national and regional touring acts as well as tour support and production among its various offerings, purchased 24 D.A.S. Audio Aero 38A line array loudspeakers and 8 Compact 218 Sub 2K subwoofers in August 2009. The D.A.S. Audio Aero 38A is a self-powered, three-way, medium format line array module incorporating twin 12-inch woofers 

for LF (low frequency) production, dual 10-inch transducers for the midrange, and a single large format compression driver for HF (high frequency) reproduction.  The loudspeaker is driven by a 3-channel Class D power amplifier providing 1,000 watts to the LF section, 500 watts to the midrange, and 500 watts for the HF section. The D.A.S. Audio Compact 218 Sub 2K subwoofer is a high-performance, self-powered, vented subwoofer system employing one 1,000 watt Class D power amplifier for each of the system’s two 18-inch transducers, for a total of 2000 watts power. 

George Acuna, President of On-Stage Rentals, commented on his company’s D.A.S. Audio purchase. “Much of our success has a lot to do with the D.A.S. name,� states Acuna. “We started with the Aero CA-28A’s and are now moving to a larger format to accommodate the requirements of our larger clients and artists. As a medium format line array system, the Aero 38A is the perfect complement to our arsenal of CA-28A’s. Likewise, the purchase of the new Compact 218 Sub 2K subwoofers dramatically increases our subwoofer inventory.� 

“Like our Aero line array loudspeakers,� Phil Mata, operations manager, added, “our new Compact 218 Sub 2K subwoofers are self-powered. The self-powered design of this equipment enables us to save on space in the truck as well as at the event.  By not having to carry separate power amps, we transport less weight and don’t have to contend with amp racks at the job site. The self-powered design of the equipment also streamlines cabling and makes for faster setup and tear down. We’ve successfully used our D.A.S. equipment with an impressive roster of artists, including Ice Cube, Ludacris, Kenny G, Brian McKnight, and Herbie Hancock.� 

In addition to D.A.S. Audio’s self-powered design, robust build quality, and fully captive rigging hardware, Mata credits D.A.S. Audio’s customer/technical support services as a key influence in his purchase decisions. “D.A.S. really stands behind their products,� says Mata. “The company’s customer service is first rate. The sound quality, reliability, and overall system performance of our D.A.S. gear is exceptional. There’s tremendous value here and that makes our D.A.S. equipment a good business investment.� 

For additional information about On-Stage Rentals, visit the company online at  

About D.A.S. Audio

Headquartered in Valencia, Spain, D.A.S. Audio is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of loudspeaker systems, power amplification, signal processing, and related components. For better than thirty years, D.A.S. Audio products have been found on tour with the world’s greatest performing artists and installed in many of the most prestigious facilities. For additional information about the company, visit them online at 


 Image of On-Stage Rentals staffers Matt Pavey, Shawn Huartson, Jeremy Marquez, and Marlo Gonzalez (from left to right) with the D.A.S. Audio Aero 38A line array cluster.